How to Choose Quality Cheap Web Hosting

A few months ago I encountered a problem with a web hosting provider. The storage space provided by the company turns out to be resold to other clients. Finally I could no longer use the storage space for business purposes.

From the beginning I was suspicious of the price offered. The price is very cheap for 1GB VPS. I try to keep positive thinking, maybe the company is developing and wants to get as many clients as possible. With a note that each client obtained will continue to be maintained the level of satisfaction.

As a consumer who only used their services for a few months, turned out to feel cheated. Several times I tried to contact them, but there was no response at all. Only after a few days, they finally responded to my complaint.

The solutions offered by the company do not make sense. They will move the server that I use to the new server, but with the data that I have will be deleted. Of course this is a solution that is very embarrassing, annoying and very unreasonable.

Today, data is money. It takes a long time to collect consumer data, company data and other valuable data. Just because the hosting has a problem, will it also be deleted? It doesn’t make sense.

Finally I no longer need hosting from that company. Immediately, I was downloaded the data then uploaded to the new server.

Of course it is a bitter experience and in this article I want to share How to choose a good but cheap web hosting or server. Quality is number 1 and price is number 2. Since then, I will always remember that principle.

Experienced Companies

Since that time I no longer believe in the company that has just been established, of course it is not always the case. That is, if the company has just been established but has the potential to be considered, then I will be happy to be its client.

Review from Consumers

In the world of marketing, reviews from consumers are very important. Of course the revi is really without any engineering. Some people say don’t trust words by the seller, but trust the words of other buyers.

Professional Web Design

I prefer to transact with companies that have an online display window that looks professional. It’s simple, the appearance of a professional website costs a lot. Only serious companies that want to spend a lot of money to build professional websites.

Has A Real Office

It is impossible for a quality hosting provider to operate only from a rented room. They must have a good and clear office location. Even we as clients can transact directly in the office.

Competitive Prices

A reasonable web hosting package should also be considered. Leave a hosting package that is too cheap even if it meets the criteria above, because everything in the world has a price. You pay a high price so you will get quality goods. That is the basic principle of service.

But the price is too expensive is not good for the development of your business. I prefer to choose service packages including, not too cheap and not too expensive.

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