Massively One Page HTML5 Template

massively html5 template

Massively is an HTML5 template that uses css3 technology to generate responsive web design on all mobile devices. This template is created by @ajlkn and you can use it for free.

Massively has a complete component, you just use it. There are forms, buttons, typography, photo galleries ready for use for design purposes.


5 Best HTML5 Game Framework

5 Best HTML5 Game Framework

Games built with HTML5 can run on mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablet pc, and the web browser. You simply write the code once and run on all devices. Much like the slogan of java, write once, run everywhere.

To facilitate future development created a special framework to create games with HTML5. Purpose is to make it easier. The developers start to make HTML 5 Game framework. If you are serious in the development, use a framework. This is the key.
Well, with the HTML 5 Game framework, you could make the game easily and quickly. Check here to see some of the HTML5 game.
There are many HTML 5 Game framework that you can use. There are free and paid, but most of them are free.  If you are serious, you could pick a framework and are devoted to it, become an expert in it. Yes, this is just an advice from us. To that end, we would like to share some Html5 game framework which you can choose.


is a gaming framework that features quite complete. Supports the use of canvas or DOM object for drawing. Some games made with this framework such as the Defend the den, Cron, Code Comander and others

Molecule HTML5 Game Framework

Molecule HTML5 Game Framework
Molecule framework has been built by enthusiast game developers with more than five years of experience on mobile gaming and more than ten on general game development.
Example game build with molecule is flappy friends

PandaJS HTML5 Game Framework

PandaJS HTML5 Game Framework
PandaJs is a framework that includes key features such as particle engine, canvas or the web GL renderer, timer, sound manager and others. They also provide tutorials and some examples of games.

Solpeo HTML5 Game Framework

Solpeo HTML5 Game Framework
The Solpeo Engine is a powerful, HTML5-based game engine that simplifies 2D and isometric games development. Develop Once, Play Anywhere.
Some examples of game : Pantry Breaker, Pirates

MightyEngine HTML5 Game Framework

MightyEngine HTML5 Game Framework
This Framework is still in beta, but it has a cool key features: Game editor, Level editor, Modularity, UI/UX templates and more. It feels like, you deserve to wait for the final version of MightEngine.
Some examples of game : Guardian angel, Mighty Digger (i realy love this game)


That’s some HTML5 game framework proper to try. HTML5 has the potential to be developed more. Be a part of it
Credit picture from techslides

4 Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Bootstrap 3.0 and Jquery

I love the WYSIWYG HTML editor that runs on the web. Ideally as a textarea replacement. With WYSIWYG HTML Editor, you can edit the web with ease, seklaigus to add some formatting such as bold (bold), add links, add images and others. Previously there was a major player in the field of WYSIWYG HTML editor, such as CKE Editor, TinyMCE and others. The software is very heavy and requires a lot of files, size large and require large bandwidth to load the website.

CKE editor and TinyMCE has too many features. And this is not even used by the user. WordPress is already used by many websites, on the WYSIWYG HTML editor its not too much, because it takes only a few.

This time, I wanted to share something that I think is cool and perfect for your next web development. WYSIWYG HTML editor based on Jquery and bootstrap easy to use and implement in your projects. Excess Bootstrap is easy to use and the results are truly extraordinary. A beginner can produce a web design that is in accordance with industry standards, and Jquery will make your website more interactive. Read more

4 Responsive Tabbed for Bootstrap 3.0 That You Should Try Before Design

If you are a web designer and use the bootstrap as the main framework, then it certainly will have a problem on tabbed responsive. Bootstrap by default does not include tabbed responsive. Tabbed responsive is tabbed components that can change the layout when it opened on the resolution and screen size are different. Because, mobile era has forced us as designers to create a web interface looks good on all devices. This is responsive.

This afternoon, I tried to find tabbed responsive that you can use for the project you are doing. Tabbed element is very important, because it allows us to display the content properly, facilitate the user when searching for content and make the web into a more modest, though a lot of content.

Here is the best of tabbed responsive for bootstrap

1. Bootstrap Responsive Tabs

I’m using tabbed responsive to my project. In addition to easy to use and implement, also free for both commercial and personal.

Tabbed responsive uses a javascript to make the appearance more beautiful, each tab will be displayed below. More details, please check the following demo. Download now here

2. Tab Control and Tabbed Form Responsive

If your work is really professional and demanding perfection, tabbed responsiveness may be an option for you. This script is priced at 20 dollars, for 1 site license. Because commercial script, then this script work in a professional and nice. Please see the demo.

For a project I do not use this script. If the project you are working on now is high-priced, I recommend this tabbed responsive. Purchase one here

3. Tab drop for Bootstrap

Tab drop for Bootstrap is a free script that you can use to complement your website. But, I think it looks not too nice, is still inferior to the first. I do not recomended this script, although it is free and works on a lot of screens and devices. Demo dan Download

4. Responsive-Tabs

Responsive-Tabs for this bootstrap worth the try. Please see the demo and download here

10 Awesome Example Drawing in HTML5 Canvas

10 Awesome Example Drawing in HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 is phenomen in web development. The special things of HTML5 is canvas, its new tag with amazing and potential to develop. And developer can do more experiments with its. Canvas tag in HTML5 can be used to drawing object in 3D or 2D. So, its gateway to creating game for developer. Remember, i was posted about some example HTML5 game and HTML5 game framework

So, you can do much more with HTML5 canvas. Beside, HTML5 comes with new tag such as audio and video. Its used to embeded video and audio source easily. In this article, we want to share example of uses HTML5 canvas, as inspiration for you to creating more amazing than this stuff below.

Ok, this is the lists. I was found it yesterday.

1. Particle Explosing with HTML5 Canvas

Particle Explosing like fireworks in the night of sky. Its animation build with canvas and some code of javascript. For full of experience, you must see the demo here, maybe its demo can be inspiration for you.

2. HTML5 Web Matrik Animation

Amazing example of HTML5 canvas. This is animation such as nodes that connected with each other. Get inspiring with real demo page

3. Milo Jump with HTML5

Milo Jump is game build with HTML5 using canvas. Its simple game, but you can learn how to use keyboard in HTML5 and draw object in canvas. This example using javascript dan CSS3.
Real demo page, spend your seconds to play this game.

4. HTML5 3D Cube

I was said to you, HTML5 canvas can drawing a cube, this is example how to drawing more than 1 cubes. You can adding cube as many as you want, check this page

5. Tree HTML5 Canvas 

HTML5 canvas can be used to drawing a tree with animation. Check this page

6. 360 Degree Product Viewer in HTML5 Canvas

Did you ever see 360 degree product viewer in GSMArena? If yes, this code for you. You can creating page to view detail of your product. Check this page

7. HTML5 Canvas City Trails

Simple drawing example in HTML5 canvas. This example also completing with animation.
See demo

8. Ten Animated Weather Glyphs

In HTML5 you can creating awesome animated icon, but not from gif image. This example using Glyphs and using javascript creating animation. If you want to creating mobile app, animation icon will be new thing and fresh. Want to try? check this demo

9. HTML5 Canvas Lightning

In this example, we will tech you how to using ligtening effect in HTML5 canvas. In game development, this example be required.

10. Play Gravity in HTML5 Canvas

In this example, you will learn how to gravity working on HTML5. In game development, you need this.

Demo page

Demo page

Ok, that 10 tutorial and example how to drawn object and animation in HTML5 canvas. If i missing one, just drop you comment below. Thanks

5 Fresh HTML5 Games for 2014

5 Fresh HTML5 Game for 2014

The difference between HTML4 and HTML5 is HTML5 can to make the game. While HTML4 can not. Easy right?

Now, you can make a simple but entertaining game with HTML5, there may be a bit of javascript code. There have been many web that provide resource how to make games with HTML5.

Indeed, HTML 5 is not designed for game development, but the creative programmers can utilize the advantages of HTML5 to make the game.

Some elements of HTML5 that can be developed for other things is a canvas, audio and video. The third tag allows us to make something different.

I like most of HTML 5 is able to develop mobile applications.

Ok, leave the first mobile application, it is time for inspiration, what games can be created with HTML5

This is the 5 best games of 2014 are made of HTML5

Flappy Fish

Flappy Fish

This is flappy fish, because flappy bird make poeples stress..
Play game here

Add Three – Puzzle HTML 5 Game

Add Three - Puzzle HTML 5 Game

Missile Game – HTML 5

Missile Game - HTML 5

Simple but amazing HTML5 game, must be ported on mobile device, because i feel enjoy play it on mobile or tablet.
Play here / Source

Cosmic HTML5 Game

Cosmic HTML5 Game

Its a multi player game in web browser platform.

Sudoku HTMl5 Game

Sudoku HTMl5 Game

Play Game

The game is very simple. That is, HTML5 has the potential to be a game programming language. There is still much that can be achieved with HTML5, maybe in time, HTML6 will replace the entire programming language, all web-based and will be a single platform HTML6

9 Best HTML5 Mobile App Frameworks

9 Best HTML5 Mobile App Framework

Modern mobile applications built with HTML5 and javascript because it has a high degree of flexibility. HTML5 become one of the standard to create layouts for mobile applications. Android, iOS and Windows Phone support HTML5 as the primary platform. Plus, Mozilla and Ubuntu OS for mobile also supports HTML5.

Then came some HTML5 framework for building mobile applications. Given this framework, make mobile apps easier, structured and easily developed. Generally HTML5 Mobile App Framework can be obtained for free. This framework includes a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

For those of you who want to develop mobile applications with HTML5, there is no harm in using the following framework

Here’s a list of HTML5 framework for built mobile apps Read more

HTML 5 Uploader and What You Need to Know Before Coding

HTML 5 Uploader and What You Need to Know Before Coding

Sharing files and music on the Internet is nothing new and continues to evolve. Many websites that offer file sharing. Users have to upload the file to be accessed by other Internet users. It takes a good upload mechanism and reduce errors when transferring files.

Currently, HTML 5 and JQuery upload a mechanism that is easier, and support the process of uploading multiple files at once. If you are a programmer and need a good idea to upload the model, then this article will explain to you. There are many tutorials to upload a file with HTML5 and jquery, example programs, code and some things you should know. This resource is so important to you

The purpose of this tutorial is: allows you to make easy upload mechanism, and make the user likes to upload a file on your website. Read more