Hurdles in IoT Mobile App Faced by Developers

Internet of things or IoT refers to the interconnection of computing devices that are embedded into everyday objects such as cars, wearable technology, phones and headphones via internet. This enables these devices to send and receive critical data.


While this concept has been around for a couple of years now, it continues to pose a few challenges with regards to IoT app development. Right from development to storage of analysis and action on the data involves managing a number of facets. Common challenges developers face revolve around authentication and authorization, data dissemination and management of quality of data points. Furthermore, developers are also expected to rapidly develop and upgrade the applications to meet specific customer requirements within rapid time.

Overlooking Cloud and Issues with Connectivity     

Considering that IoT products do not come with isolated identities, there is a number of connectivity factors that developers need to take into account. A typical identity of an IoT product is equipped with cloud, the mobile app and the product that are interconnected by a number of communication and networking avenues. The IoT is expected to recognize as well as work well with cloud and the other connectivity factors.

Doing Justice to IoT Security                   

Everyone wants the best level of security for their IoT mobile apps, cloud and connected products. However, ensuring this level of security is not always easy. Developers are expected to take into account all the security loopholes in the product, the app as well as the interactions that take place.

Developing a Satisfactory Feature Rich Mobile App

Developers are constantly trying to up the competition by adding too many features on their mobile apps. However, in case of IoT mobile app development, you want to be cautious about the features you include in the application. The idea is to minimize compelling users to check multiple menu layers to get to a basic tool that they need to use.

Not Being Able to Foresee Future Requirements      

Mobile app development as a field is growing continuously. A surprisingly large number of developers tend to get stagnant with their expertise and are unable to implement new features and capabilities that take into account the future needs of IoT and its users. Creating future-flexible applications with geofencing, voice control, touch authentication and Bluetooth beacons often evade developers. Ignoring tomorrow’s needs when developing today can result in the quick downfall of your efforts as an application developer.

Undermining the Importance of Mobile Applications in IoT Products      

Considering the extent to which the smartphones have been adopted into our everyday lives, there is no denying that a mobile app can act as the primary gateway for all users of IoT connected products. Developers often consider mobile app development as an afterthought for IoT products, hereby losing out on big opportunities. When designing connected products, developers need to keep mobile app consideration as a priority for long-term sustainability and increase in adoption.

Not Investing Sufficient Time in Creating a Favorable User Experience

Mobile devices today perform an array of activities, compelling developers to lay significant impetus on user experience. IoT Mobile Apps are no different. Developers need to take into account feedback mechanisms, installation time, navigation, and updates. Ignoring user experience in IoT mobile apps can result into a diminishing perceived value not only of your app, but of your connected product and eventually your brand.

Finding the right IoT developer community is a great way to keep pace with the fast-changing IoT industry and staying on top of your development game. Share ideas and best practices, while you discover new learning opportunities to do well as an IoT mobile app developer.

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