Interact with HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage Easier with Jquery Storage API

jquery storage api

Yesterday we wrote about Jcanvas, which is a jquery plugin to interact with HTML5 canvas element. Now, we would like to share information about HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage API. The second element is the new feature of HTML5 and start widely used by developers to make their applications more perfect, especially HTML5-based games. HTML5 localStorage allows us to store information on the local storage medium, almost similar to a cookie.

By using javascript, we are much easier to interact with HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage API. To that end, we recommend to use jQuery Storage API. Storage API jQuery is a jquery plugin that allows us to interact with HTML5 localStorage and sessionStorage API

JQuery Storage API Features

  1. To store object easily, encode/decode it with JSON automatically
  2. Ability to define namespace and use it as a specific storage
  3. Magic getter and setter to have access at an infinite object level with one call
  4. Add jquery.cookie and manage your cookies with this API
  5. You want use storage on old browsers? Add jquery.cookie & JSON and JQuery Storage API use cookies to simulate storage!

You can download it here

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