Is Linux Perfect for Web Developers?

What computer OS for developers? This question often comes to my mind. What OS are suitable for web developers. If you are a designer, I suggest you use Mac OS, because the quality of the hardware, especially the display mac OS is much better than the monitors in the market today. Mac OS system is also better than the windows and has a high degree of flexibility. But, Mac OS appreciated quite expensive, and not as easy as windows to get additional software. But, mac OS is suitable for designers. Photoshop is also available for Mac OS version, besides the windows of course.

Ok, if the web developers who require high flexibility, of course, windows PC is not enough, I also feel it when using windows. Many limitations, let say to install meteorJS, the windows do not support.

Finally, when learning VPS, and dealing with linux, I finally started to install linux and experience with linux, is the ideal platform for developers. If I have more money, then I prefer the Mac OS. Systems on Mac OS and Linux are similar, they are a derivative of UNIX. So, you could say, Linux is a free version of the Mac OS, and probably more than that. Not a matter of money.

Linux Mint

I chose to use linux mint, because of its simplicity, because I am a beginner. Linux Mint also supports graphite card I have, radeon HD 7730. I’ve try to install ubuntu 14 and was failed.



You can download it here

You can install web server, database, php and another developer apps on linux easily, and its similiar with web hosting on the internet.

Disadvantages of Linux is

  1. There is no program that I use notepad ++ on windows, but it does not matter, because there Gedit
  2. No MyPhoneExplorer program to handle android, there is no replacement. I hope, this software maker immediately released for linux version.
  3. Not many games, especially PES 2015.
  4. No photoshop, i cant use Gimp. Shit!

But, I am comfortable working with linux, feels fresh and not boring.


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    March 22, 2015

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