Jquery Facedetection : Simple Way to Detect Human Face for Web

jquery facedetection

if you’re want to creating app that detection human face, you’re in right place. I found best jquery plugin to do that : simple human face detection. Its called : Jquery facedetection and use great algoritm by Liu liu.

Jquery facedetection will return value in array that contains :

  • x: Y coord of the face
  • y: Y coord of the face
  • width: Width of the face
  • height: Height of the face
  • positionX: X position relative to the document
  • positionY: Y position relative to the document
  • offsetX: X position relative to the offset parent
  • offsetY: Y position relative to the offset parent
  • confidence: Level of confidence

So, you can use the array return to your app.

Oh shit, this jquery plugin also ability to detection face in video, wow its very amazing. And you can grab this plugin for free.

If you’re interest to develop this jquery plugin, you can join at github  or download directly or see the amazing demo

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