Killer Resources for Learning UI/UX Design

resources for UI/UX

UX / UI does not have a definite value. Every developer and designer has its own characteristics to make UX / UI becomes more beautiful. The ultimate goal is to make the user enjoy the content. Users gain the experience enjoyable, comfortable and loved. That’s the main goal, and every designer has a personal way.

UI / UX as an artistic, creative person would love this, because the UI / UX will mengexploer how your artistic soul. Even so, the UI / UX has some rules that you can pay attention to, and these values ​​are uncertain. That is, UI / UX can learn and there is knowledge.

In this post, I want to put together a resource to learn UI / UX online. Below there is a blog post or web page that talks about the UI / UX and there is a special blog that discuss about UI / UX

Ok, let’s start.

1. Usabilla Blog

usabilla blog

This is a blog that discusses 100% UI / UX. These are discussed in the blog about how-to, case studies, demos, videos and others. Usabilla Blog has the right content for you who are learning the UI / UX. Go to resource

2. How to Get Started in UX Design

get in UX

Is a blog post that contains start learning about how UX. I think this is a good resorurce. Every thing has a base, and the post to give you a basic understanding.  Go to resource

3. UX vs UI From

UI vs UX

This is ultimate article that explain about what diffrent UX and UI. Great resource. Go to resource

4. Law of UI Design

law of ui design

This blog post describes some of the laws and rules of design. I like this resource because it is easy to understand. You will find some examples of images and videos of design rules. Go to resource

5. Good UI vs Bad UI

good ui vs bad UI

Here is a great comparison for bad UI and good UI. By understanding them, you can determine a good UI design and is suitable for your project. Be careful not to get stuck with your own thoughts. Go to resource



Is a blog that discusses in detail about UI / UX as how to create a button that preferred by web visitors, how to choose font type, making interesting progress bar, and others.

7. UX for Flat Design

flat UX design

Its a blog post that explain to you how flat design in new UX trend. Read more

8. Things to consider when designing flat.

things to consider when designing flat

Its a great post on Medium about what you should consider when making a flat design. Read more




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