how to setting up w3 total cache

Killer Resources for Optimizing W3 Total Cache into Next Level

WordPress is most  CMS that required high bandwidth, meaning that if you running wordpress as the main platform, you need a hosting package with large bandwidth, large capacity also. This is because the wordpress  features are very complete and cool. Moreover, if you want to add additional features to the plugin. All that will make the wordpress very heavy to loading. This is bad news for the hosting. But this is a challenge also. There is a hosting company that focuses serve wordpress. However, the price is more expensive than general hosting such as Hostgator or Blue host

Another alternative is: do not use wordpress. Built a custom CMS that meets your needs and lightly. But, I think it’s not a solution

The other solution is to cache system. In wordpress, there are many plugins that offer good caching process. However, we only recommend W3 Total Cache. This site uses a plug-in to ease the burden of hosting. Not only that, by using caching, loading wordpress will be faster.

I really like this plugin, because its a complete, working as I want and of course my website to be faster when accessed – and… its free.

In this post, I wanted to share a resource that you need to work with W3 Total Cache Plugin

1. W3 Total Cache Recomended Setting with Screenshot

This tutorial will explain briefly, and equipped with an image how to setting up W3 Total Cache. Read more

best setting for w3 total cache

2. How to Import Recomended Setting for W3 Total Cache

import w3 total cache

Read more

3. Setting W3 Total Cache for Cloudflare

w3 total cache with cloudflare

Read more

4. Install and Setting W3 Total Cache with MaxCDN

setting maxCDN with w3 total cache

Written by WpBeginner, its realy cool tutorial. Read more 

5. Storytelling How to Speed up WordPress up to 300% with W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

Very inspiring story to speed up your wordpress site with this awesome plugin. Written by Chris Olbekson. Read more

6. Using Memcache with W3 Total Cache

Memcache is the next generation of system cache in PHP. Well, W3 Total Cache can take advantage of this feature. This tutorial will provide an explanation to you. Read more

memcache with w3 total cache


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