Lets Create Awesome Animation with These Javascript Library and Jquery Plugin

For past years, when developer want to create animation, they are using flash, macromedia flash or gif file. This way is not effective. Flash is not compatible with browser and can not running on a machine without flash support, such as mobile phone. You need to have flash player to running flash animation. Flash is great animation engine, but not all vendor support it.

So, right now developer using javascript and css to create animation. Javascript and CSS can running on many device, all device and vendor support javascript and css.

In javascript, we easy to create animation. Javascript usually using a framework, we prefer using jquery as main platform or framework. Its very save our time when developing.

In this post, we’ll share  great jquery plugins to create and built animation.  But not only jquery plugin, we will try to looking for independent javascript library to create animation, without jquery, if you want to use pure javascript.

Lets starting, here is the list.

Ani JS

ani js

Ani.js is a javascript library for building UI interaction animation. Its not required jquery. Demo

Tile Animation Jquery Plugin

tile animation

Its super set of animation and effect that can use instanly. Very easy to use, see demo here

Swish JS Jquery plugin


Its jquery plugin to creating transition animation. See demo



Its engine to improve of jquery $.animate() for significantly greater performance (making Velocity also faster than CSS animation libraries). Demo some animation created with velocity and velocity playground

Animsition JS


Is a jquery plugin and CSS to perform best page transition animation. Read more


Is a jquery plugin to power CSS in order to creating simple move animation. Demo



Motio is a small JavaScript library for simple but powerful sprite based animations and panning. It takes an element, and changes the background position to create an animation effect. Demo


Javascript animation library optimized mobile devices. Read more


A tiny javascript animation library for succinct, behavioural animations.

var kineograph = require('kineograph');

var anim = kineograph(['path/to/image1.png', 'path/to/image3.png', 'path/to/image2.png']);


 Read more




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