Making The Move: Forward Thinking Logo Design

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 - Design

Humans have the ability to process images much quicker than they can process text, is this the reason why business are changing to wordless logo designs?

This summer MasterCard unveiled their new branding. The change was subtle yet recognisable as the brand held on to its overlapping red and yellow balls.

Slow but surely Master card are planning on removing text from their logo design completely, making the logos focus on the symbol, rather than words than the words. Thinking about changing your company’s logo design? Here’s the logo lowdown for 2016.

The Future of Symbolic Logo Design

2016 has seen a long line of businesses change their logo and icon designs, from text based to image. Brands are only now catching up with the demands of digital trends and MasterCard’s move towards symbolism, displays the power behind pictures.

Removing text from logos has been a long time coming and it was almost like Nike predicted this trend back in 1995. The iconic Nike swoosh rebranded (ever so slightly) in 1995 when they added the tag line “Just Do It” instead of Nike.

Before we knew it, text was scrapped completely, something that Apple, McDonalds, and Starbucks have all done too. This has been a process over the years and due to smart technology evolving so rapidly – this is the main reason global businesses are finally following suit.


The Textual Cut Back

Typography can often make or break a brand, just think of the two dreaded words: comic sans. So why is something so important being scrapped?

Minimalism and streamlined design is an approach that many businesses are taking. Not only symbols work better than long names (think of Netflix as an example of this) on screens and apps, they have the ability to be more flexible.

Symbols also break down the barriers of language, giving brands with visual identities a universal edge. Kalle Oskari Mattila from The Atlantic agrees arguing that; “visual cues can travel across borders more easily because they eliminate the need for translation.”

Starbuck’s logo is now completely visual. The brand has expanded from just cups of coffee, providing gifts, meals, cakes and cold refreshments to their customers. To represent their businesses evolution, they removed the circle that reads “Starbucks Coffee”, that surrounded their iconic mermaid.

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User Friendly Logo Design

With technology taking over everything we do, it is important that any business has a professional presence online. The figures show that there are over 3.17 internet users today, with projections of around 2.5 billion smart phone users by 2019.

The majority of these users will be glued to their small screen. If your business is behind with the times, a scaled logo can become distorted, not only will this confuse customers but it may divert them away from your business.

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Logo design brand, Repeat Logo, have stated that 62% of companies who designed their website and online branding for mobile platforms have seen an increase in sales. If your business is expanding and want to grow online, it may be worthwhile thinking about tweaking your design to suit flat screens.

Icons and Logo


Similarly, to Netflix who have created an icon for their app. Google’s most recent icon is vibrant, using the colours of its original logo. An icon’s intention is to be a visual representation of information that is understandable to all. Icons are used as user interfaces to describe what an application can do.

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Although Google’s logo is typography based, the brand has made it more user-friendly in recent years, adjusting to a sans-serif font. The product management Vice President of the company explained the change:

“We think we’ve taken the best of Google (simple, uncluttered, colourful, friendly), and recast it not just for the Google of today, but for the Google of the future.”



Losing the text and creating a logo which is user friendly will give your business more marketing opportunities. The world’s biggest businesses are beginning to debrand, think of coca cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign.

The brand removed their logo on their bottles and replaced it with their customer’s first names. The campaign was a complete success and increased Coca-Cola’s U.S. sales by more than 2 revering the brand’s 10 years of decline in Coca-Cola consumption.

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