Lychee App : Self Host Photo Management

Want to build a site just like Flickr or Photobucket? They are best photo site, users can upload, share with their friends and many more. I think its too complicated, we are recomended to using simple dead photo management. Its has featured such as upload photos, import photo, download photo and more. Just it, and you can show off your photo, perfect for photographer.

Introducing Lychee.

Lychee is a self hosted web app that focused on photo sharing and photo gallery. You can easily setting up a photo management: sharing, upload, import and download. Also, another feature is, import from dropbox.


My best favorite feature is : this app can display your photo info, such as meta data, exif and more. So, its just like flickr. So, go host this app, and show off your photo.

Lychee is open source, free and secure. Dont worry about privacy, you have fully control. Maybe you need strong and unlimited hosting for store all your picture.


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