MiwoSQL WP Plugin : You Dont Need PHPMyadmin Anymore

miwoSQL wp plugin

Sometimes we need access to PHPMyAdmin to manage databases, but if you can not get access to phpMyAdmin or your hosting does not provide PHPMyAdmin (though not likely, because most web hosting using phpMyAdmin). We can use a plugin where you can access the database using phpMyAdmin like. A wide variety of database operations such as insert, update, delete things you can do with ease. You can also make dumping a database, export and import. This cool plugin called MiwoSQL.

MiwoSQL WP Plugin was created ​​by MiwoSoft and you can use for free. With MiwoSQL, you no longer need PHPMyAdmin. This is feature of MiwoSQL

  1. Displaying, creating, editing and deleting records
  2. Execution of any SQL query
  3. Execution of multiple queries at once, using the ; char as separator
  4. Save queries and execute later
  5. Displayed query results; horizontal scrolling the wide table
  6. Data acquisition of the table selected from the list
  7. Replace table prefix
  8. Restore database sql-dump
  9. Cropping long strings in cells of the table (option)
  10. Data acquisition of the table selected from the list
  11. Export to CSV file
  12. Multi-language interface

This is MiwoSQL screenshoot

miwoSQL wp plugin

Saved query on MiwoSQL

saved query on miwoSQL

MiwoSQL feature still seems miniml, it is still relying on SQL commands. This means miwoSQL reserved only people who already know about SQL and databases. Not all WordPress users know about it. However, it was natural, because MiwoSQL is a new plugin, of course it takes a lot of improvement. We will waiting for it.

I hope author of MiwoSQL come to this blog post and leave a command.

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