How Mobile App Performance can Affect Overall User Experience?

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What is it?

Performance is the only answer for any successful mobile app. This article will guide you on how to hit your application into the right frame so after the process of mobile app development the performance of the app does not affect your branding, downloading and revenue.

What is a mobile application performance?

Mobile app developers must be very aware of today’s technology such as tablets, smart phones, tablets and other smart devices that keep arriving in the market. Mobile app performance is one of the essential forecasts of all quality applications that has to allocate with its behavior while using various sizes of the load in different positions. For instance, the loading capacity of an app and the crashing time in high user activity.

App performance is a product of different aspects which also includes the mobile network, network, server and the application programming. Sadly, it can lead to a bad experience for users with your mobile app performance with the issues which has nothing to handle with your app.

Is mobile app performance important?

80% of users commented that the performance plays a vital role. And a research based on the mobile app performance is also said that just 5 seconds of less are a greater amount of time it must take for an application to load.

Users are unstable

After mobile application development, if the application does not work freely, the chances are high that users might quit the app immediately which might result in the potential revenue loss. This might also affect an application rating that can double the numbers of application downloads.

Top tips on how to improve your mobile app performance

We have already discussed the demand of mobile app performance, not let us check out some top tips on how to improve it.

Using cache images

Caches are the memory of your computer, just like your brain, which gathers recently visited details. It can gather images, files, web pages and much more and passes it on to your local hard drive to give instant access to them when enhancing the performance and reducing network traffic. External resources might consume time, so you will have to make sure using cache images.

Resizing and compressing the image size

When you compress an image size, you reduce its size without disturbing its quality. There are websites on the web which can do this for you. You will have to look out for the image size or take a high-resolution image.

Date loading as needed

If you found that your application might need an extra amount of data, then the only load as needed. Do not make the user or your customer to wait for a long time.

Performance test

All apps must be tested to make sure they work correctly and are workable with all the devices. The application must be tested properly for its performance and must be monitored regularly.

Using the correct tool for performance

There are many tools in the market to check the performance of your app. You just have to choose them and check the performance to know about your application, its bugs and issues to solve them correctly.

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