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Practicing right email opening strategies in Email marketing scenario means you are convincing people to welcome inbound emails with an inclination to check what is in store. However, most of the time, emails get lost among several others in an inbox. So, what are those simple tricks should be followed by which you convince people not just to open an email, but actually click through to see where they would land up? This practices are done by professional SEO services providers and got  excellent response.

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Avoid spamming with too many emails

As per CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) act passed in 2003, while performing Email marketing campaign, they give full rights to recipients, who can restrict a business from emailing them. Those violating the law are penalized. For your emails to be CAN-SPAM compliant, you need to have following set of rules in place:

  • A valid physical postal address is a must in every single email.
  • Give an obvious clear way to users for opting out of emails.
  • “From”, “To”, and “Reply To” should define your existence as a business.
  • Do not sell or transfer an emailing list to a third party, without prior approval.

Do email back within 24 hours of response

After people have subscribed to your newsletter, or signed up for something, you need to acknowledge their action and that too within a day so that users do not feel left out in putting all their efforts in vain. They look forward to a prompt response, and getting back to them within a day will showcase your proactive approach towards digital marketing.

Act as an individual

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Users relate with real people more and not some company while checking out their inbox. This is due to the fact that people want to check out emails from an individual rather than checking out emails from an organization. In fact, users relate with an email like [email protected] instead of [email protected] , since they consider individual emails legit over spammy company emails. Additionally, people hesitate to open common professional emails due to unfamiliar sender, when compared to an individual professional email with known sender.

Subject lines should be clear stating purpose

There are so many emails flooding the inbox of an individual daily. How to differentiate yourself from the lot initially? The best way to do this is writing a subject line that is highly compelling allowing your email to stand out from others, forcing users can’t help but click. For achieving this, ensure that the subject lines are:

  • Clear in understanding with a clean focus
  • Less than 50 characters for a responsive mobile viewing
  • Messaging and language should be familiar as well as interactive
  • Create excitement and urgency through action-oriented words and phrases
  • Deliver a value proposition through discounts or offers
  • Avoid getting caught in spam triggers like “Free”, “Quote”, “Cash”, “Save”, etc.
  • Should be sent at right times of the day when people are most active
  • Try to include first name for a more personalized approach

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Emails should be precise and to the point

Nobody has enough time to go through a long email. People like to read short concise emails due to their time saving nature. Hence, it is very important to have your message clearly indicated within such short emails, and that too in an interactive fashion. Another advantage of such short emails is, you have less risks of getting caught by spam filters for copied content. Try to break it into paragraphs for an easy readability.

Include just one CTA per email

Too many CTAs in an email will make it highly promotional loosing the informational value. Hence, just have only one CTA included in your email, directing users to wherever you want.

Alt text is must for a universal appeal

Not necessarily an email will open perfectly well on all browsers. There are high chances of HTML content getting lost, and hence users might not see pictures, audio, video, or other multimedia components in your email. Hence, have alt text accompanied with multimedia elements, so that the link remains intact through textual content, even if multimedia content lost.

Text links should be noticeable at multiple locations

When you have text links to offer in your email, try to have it multiple of them in order to make your email more effective in fulfilling the purpose behind it.

Insert at least one clickable CTA above the fold

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As soon as users open an email, they should be able to see at least one clickable CTA in between the content, without even scrolling down the email. This increases the chances of CTR, even if a user does not move within an email.

Social sharing buttons should be present

In order to achieve maximum user reach, you should have social sharing buttons included within the email. This way you give users ample opportunities to connect with your brand, making the most out of your digital marketing efforts. Try to include all the top social networking sites with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and lots more.

Forwarding emails promotes your brand

When users tend to forward your emails to their family, friends, or relatives, there are more chances of being seen, increasing CTR to an unimaginable extent.

Concluding thoughts

Email marketing is surely a tough call to deal, if an organized flow is not on your list. You have to implement all the above strategies with caution, if you want to compel the targeted audience pay attention to your emails, and open them, which ultimate leads to increased leads and conversions.

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