My New Project : Stock Photo and Photography Site, Daily Update

Because i am have a hobby : photography, i will create a new project, a website that showcase my photo taken. I am using Canon 1100D camera and i love this camera. Right now, i dont have an idea to get domain name. Okay, i will search in when in toilet.

The concept of this project is show all my photo taken, and its not only a photo, its photo effected with software to make it better. Photo concept is unusual photo taken, in varity of side, unique of colors and many more. You can download its and can be use for web design and another creative project. Maybe you’re never seen this photo side before.

This project inspiring by Photo Party section in this site. I has been uploading new pic every week, you can download it on varity media : or flickr. So, when i am writting Free stock photos from photographer, i am ask to my self, why i am not doing same with them?

I am newbie, but i am really want to learning. So, i will release this project as soon as possible. You can stay at the website to get daily updated. I will update high quality photo daily and you can download it for free, use it as you want, no attribution required, no payment. Just use it for your creative project.

I will thanks for you when you’re send a comment, give me know what your awesome creative project which created with my pics.

So, stay tune on my blog, i will inform to you when it online.

Thank you very much.

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