New and Useful Javascript Library for Designers and Developers

Javascript is continue to develop, in a week, developer release new useful library and resource to javascript. After release in first year, maybe it two decades ago, javscript become a backbone on client browser programming. Many game built on javascript, app, DOM modification and many more

We’are covered new resource and library for javascript. Maybe some of them dedicated for expert and newbie. Here is list of javascript resource that useful for developer and designer.

You Dont Know JS

Its a ebook series that teach you javascript from basic. You will get understrand javascript from right man. Please see the introduction below

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Is a javascript library to interact with CSS. Maybe its just like CSS that written in javascript, and its perfect for build dynamic display.


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Its a javascript client library for Imgix. If you dont have account there, please register at With Imgix.js you can easily interact with Imgix server, see the code example below

        .imgix-fluid-bg {
            position: absolute;
            width: 100%;
            height: 100%;
            top: 0;
            left: 0;
            display: block;

    <!-- include imgix.js -->
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
        imgix.onready(function() {
                updateOnResizeDown: true,
                pixelRounding: 5,
                autoInsertCSSBestPractices: true
    <div data-src="" class="imgix-fluid imgix-fluid-bg"></div>

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Its a javascript library to support speech recognizing for web. This library need access to your microphone device. Its libary are not perfect, maybe its still in beta section, and currently in development. Read more



Its a javascript library to save client bandwidth when loading site.  It implements the srcset/sizes attributes as also the picture element. Unlike other responsive images polyfills respimage plays nicely with your graceful degradation / progressive enhancement strategy. Read more

Jquery Viewport Plugin

Its simple and smart jquery plugin to access viewport.

jquery viewport



git it

is not a javascript library, but its guide style to understanding git hub. I am including it because is useful for developer. Read more

Peerflix for Node.JS


Its a node.js add on for streaming torrent. Read more



Its a useful javascript library for detecting a language of a word or text. Read more


DataCollection.js is a JavaScript library for storage, filtration, manipulation and accession of large datasets. It is ideal for working with data returned from RESTful API endpoints. Read more


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