Premium Freebies Edition 3 August 2015

Creative Market provides 6 freebies every Monday, you can download these freebies for free, but must have an account creativemarket. By this week, you can download the font premium, wordpress template, vintage logo and others. If you do not already have an account, please register here 50 Dot Brushes for Adobe Illustrator 50 Vector Brushes […]

Freebies Fonts for Designer Edition #9

Good morning, designers!, Want to┬ánew fonts without spending money? or just want to find inspiration? we provide freebies free fonts today. You can use if for new project or redesign your work. Happy hunting Freebie: Againts Typeface Freebie: Againts Typeface is a free Font design resource made by Dribbble user PixelBuddha. As far as I […]

Best WordPress Theme Edition #8

There are thousands of WordPress themes available on the internet, not everything is good and suitable for your blog. We select and collect the best wordpress theme for you. Of course free and you will get the latest update from wordpress. We love wordpress theme with simple concept, easy navigation, well-coded and focus on your […]

Awesome Premium Presentation Templates

Not everyone can make a cool presentation, even though you are a great web developer, but when you want to present a project, you need a proper presentation of the draft. If you are one of these developers, then you need a presentation template. You only need to replace the text in the template and […]

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