Best WordPress Theme Week 22 – 28 March 2015

WordPress is a CMS that is the easiest and most widely used today. Therefore, many designers make a wordpress theme. There are free and paid. Each week, we’ll bring you the best wordpress theme, free and premium. Most free. This post is brought to you by – a high quality site that collects only […]

Is Linux Perfect for Web Developers?

What computer OS for developers? This question often comes to my mind. What OS are suitable for web developers. If you are a designer, I suggest you use Mac OS, because the quality of the hardware, especially the display mac OS is much better than the monitors in the market today. Mac OS system is […]

Ultimate Photos Pack for Web Designers

Sometimes, we need a photo pack for our project, for example web design, graphic design, blog post, to fill your blog or website content and others. To get a good photo pack and in accordance with our soul, is not easy. Our soul as a designer requires a photo that has high artistic value. Yesterday […]

Useful Script for Web Development

Perhaps some of this stuff will be useful for your web development. Small script, with many functions and of course helps a lot of things. I got it in codecanyon, so it’s not free, but cheap. You will get a lot of inspiration from some of the script below. For example, you can create a […]

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