Collection Behance API Libraries for Web Developers

Who does not know the Behance? leading site created by Adobe for digital artists. We can see a wide variety of digital artwork such as pictures, designs, templates, photography, icons, branding process and others. Behance is that a lot of the art database. They have a useful Behance API to provide access to other applications […]

Free Fonts For Designer Edition #5

Its time to add your font collection with this freebies. The latest collection of fonts that you can use for your project, ensuring that your work would not need to pay. Some fonts below you can use for commercial purpose and personal purpose. You do not have to worry about licensing and royalties For another edition, […]

How to Clean URL in CakePHP with Route

Clean URLs are needed to help a website achieve high position in search engines. WordPress has a very good clean URLs. If you create a web application with CakePHP, the resulting URL is not too clean and does not contain elements of SEO. To that end, the CakePHP has what is called a route Route in […]

5 Best HTML5 Game Framework

Games built with HTML5 can run on mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablet pc, and the web browser. You simply write the code once and run on all devices. Much like the slogan of java, write once, run everywhere. To facilitate future development created a special framework to create games with HTML5. Purpose is to […]

Custom Error Handling for CakePHP 2.xx

The main problem with CakePHP is error handling that hard to do. You need a lot of lines of code. This is in contrast with laravel, where the framework requires only 2 lines of code and everything is finished. For CakePHP, finally I was able to find the proper error handling (for the moment), so […]

Basic Resources to Learn Laravel for Newbie

Laravel an interesting framework. I am interested in codes laravel, so simple, short and generates advanced web applications and standardized. Their tag line: Laravel, PHP framework for Web artisans, it looks like it fits. After a few years I was using CakePHP, it seems I want to learn this laravel, not replace cakephp, but would […]

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