Personal Review of Notepad++ After Used it for Few Years

When reading post from Codegeekz blog, I remembered that he had not mentioned notepad++, whereas notepad++ is powerfull text editor and easy to use. But, notepad++ only can run on the  windows OS (all versions). Over the last few years, I always use notepad++ to create  websites.

Currently, notepad++ reached version 6.7.7 and I’ve used it as version 5.0. The advantages of notepad++ are

[code tipe=”rs”]

  1. Easy to use
  2. Very lighweight, so you can running notepad++ on old PC or laptop. Support all windows system.
  3. No dependency
  4. Portable version or installed version.
  5. Has many syntax highlighter, so whatever your programming language are covered.
  6. Free forever.
  7. And many more.

Here is screen shot of Notepad++

notepad++ for windows

Notepad++ also have text utility, you can use it for your project, save time and life.

notepad++ with text fx

And you can browse many notepad++ plugin, and this is special notepad++ plugin for coding in wordpress

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Personally, I like notepad++ because of the advantages that I mentioned above and the ability to remember what has been opened. Let me open the index.php file and close it, then the next few days, I want to continue the project, notepad++ will automatically remember the file  last opened. Really helped me.

So, I do not forget the idea of the project that I was working.


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