Photoshop Tutorial: Latest Text Effects of February 2014

What is it?

Creating text effect with photoshop require an inspiration and our creativity. Photoshop has been providing comprehensive tools to create interesting text effects. In fact, you can create infinite, depending on the creativity and imagination.

Today we want to share the latest text effects that can be created with photoshop. You can follow this tutorial from beginner to advanced levels. This tutorial can be a workout for you, hone your photoshop skills at the same time increase it.

1. Photoshop Tutorial : Type Art

This tutorial need photoshop and adobe ilustrator. Read more here

2. Photoshop Tutorial : Create 3D Ice Text Effect

Creating a 3D effect as well with frozen ice surface. Read tutorial here (including video)

3. Photoshop Tutorial : Nature Ornament in Type

Simple adding nature ornament in the font. Read here

4. Photoshop Tutorial : Simple Multiple Stroke Around Text

This tutorial is suitable for making T-shirt designs. Read more

5. Photoshop Tutorial : Paper Text Effect

This text effect is so simple, but interesting to try. Seen letters composed of pieces of paper. Beautiful and simple. Read tutorial here

6. Photoshop Tutorial : Colorfull Glowing Text Effect

This tutorial combines text with the colors of the rainbow, the water and the dark of night. Read more


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