Portrait Flatlay Photo Collection for Instagram Stories

Flatlay is a photo model that is currently popular with millennials. Flatlay photo models will take pictures or objects from the top corner vertically. Usually flatlay photos are used to take product photos, so that all parts of the product will be clearly visible

However, flatlay photos become a separate part that can be used for photo backgrounds. Above that, we can add text or brand logos.

Currently, on the internet there are lots of flatlay photos that can be used for free. I’ve collected high-quality flatlay photos that you can use for Instagram stories. Because of this, the type is portrait.

You can use photo editors like adobe lightroom to adjust the size.

#1 Natural Flatlay Photo

Download full-size from source

#2 Morning with Coffe and Working

Download from source

#3 Lets Packing and Traveling

Download full size from source

#4 Purple and Yellow Tulip

Download from source

#5 Orange and Leaf on White Background

Download full size from source

#6 Colofull of Donuts

Download from source

#7 Too Many Cosmetic

Download from source

#8 Two Leaf

Download full size from source

#9 Working Area with Eyeglass

Download full size from source

#10 Assorted Succulents in Clay Pots

Download from source

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