PSD to HTML Conversion Services: Some Know-How’s Before Hiring A PSD Conversion Agency

PSD to HTML Conversion

The process of converting a simple PSD file into an interactive, user-friendly HTML web page is a process that requires intense knowledge of HTML coding. The conversion process results in a web page or website that is easily accessible across all devices and browsers, ensures transparent visibility, leads to optimum conversions and drives more consumers towards it. In order to maintain proficiency, reliability and security, it is always a better option to outsource a PSD to HTML Conversion service provider to make sure all requirements are met and there is no last minute hassle. Well, before hiring a conversion provider, there are a few do’s and don’ts you need to look into.

Identifying your own requirements- Do not forget to list all your requirements. Create a list which includes all details like navigation options, header/footer image, drop-down menus and other important utilities in your website. Other basic requirements like W3C validated markup, cross-browser compatibility, and markup type should also be informed well to the service provider and a record of it should be kept for future concern.

Experience should be taken into account- The skills of coders should be well-tested because ultimately that is going to be the one which will determine the final results for your work. You must check in the portfolio and see what skills they have. Additionally, the overall experience of a service provider in the same industry should be counted in order to find the best service provider in markup industry. An experienced company would be exactly knowing what to do with your presented requirements. When you hire PSD conversion company, make sure to look for experienced coding experts employed with them to handle your own requirements.

Say “NO” To Software Aided Coding- If you are looking for accurate PSD to XHTML conversions, software aided conversions or coding should be avoided. You need to make sure that your website gets coded manually. The manual conversions are meant for reliability in the long run so this should be your another major selection criterion next to experience.

Understanding Workflow- It is essential to know how your service provider works. Before sending out your work, you need to understand their way of working. Firstly, you need to know all the details whether the work is handled by an in-house coding expert or further outsourced. In this situation, avoid companies that outsource third-party service providers because it will eventually affect the overall quality of work along with the appeal of your website. Since the work performed by outsourced agencies is not professional, we recommend opting for an experienced agency who has been in the industry for several years.

Non-disclosure Agreement- While contracting a service provider, either online or offline, Non- Disclosure Agreement is a legal documentation which is often signed between the company and the client. PSD Conversion providers also offer NDA to their clients and mention the same in their website with a separate URL. This agreement acts as a security measure by protecting your website design, data submitted and other important information during the work, after the work, and when assigning the work to the company.

Transparency in Pricing- One needs to be clear and precise with the pricing when hiring a service provider for PSD to HTML Conversion. Before going ahead, you need to be assured of the overall charges, pricing model and go for a trustworthy service provider. Ensure that there are no hidden charges and you need to ask questions to avoid unnecessary surprises at later stages. If the quality of work submitted is not up to the standards, they should be able to rectify the issues without any additional charges. To avoid the situation, it is always better to look for a service provider which offers money back guarantee. This way, you will keep the risks minimal.


The know-how’s before opting for a PSD to HTML conversion service provider will save you from running into issues at a later stage. Considering the points given above, you need to look for the right service provider in the industry for handling all your needs. You could easily outsource PSD conversion providers who are experts in delivering pixel-perfect and well-coded pages. Some points discussed above are very basic but people, surprisingly tend to ignore them when selecting service provider.

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