How to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card on Windows PC


A few days ago I saw an opportunity to try a data recovery program, the name is Disk Drill. This software works very well to recover or find the data that has been lost or deleted. Even when you look for it in the recycle bin, you will not find the data.

Cleverfiles give me the opportunity to review the Disk Drill. I received an activation code to activate the program. After I tried Disk Drill, which I feel is the ease to recover entire files that have been lost. There are some movies that I remove and I found it

Disk Drill Works by scanning the hard drive and then with a variety of algorithms can find files that have been lost or deleted. After that Disk Drill will recover or repair the file so that it can be used. I am trying to recover lost photos. File number more than 10, it turns out that I get only three pieces of the file. And everything can be fixed perfectly, meaning that the image is not damaged and clear. The same file size as the original, neither increased nor diminished.

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But when I tried to recover video files that are larger than 2 GB, this program can do, but one of the video content. I do not know why. Maybe you do not know what I mean

I’m trying to recover a movie with the title ABC. After I open the file turns out that ABC movie, but it is a movie DBF. After meticulous, the file name is not wrong, but why the contents of the video is different. I think this is an error recovery process. Just imagine delet files already in it like a paper cut and then fly in the trash. In the trash that we could find a piece of paper, plastic pieces, fabrics and others. Then we tried to pick up the pieces and then put them together.

And here there is an error, when trying to combine the same cutting program making mistakes.

Maybe that’s what I can explain. And that’s all I did a quick scan feature. I have not tried the deep scan. And by the time this article was written I just do it. The process is quite long. I use it on a hard drive with 50 GB partition. The time required approximately 15 minutes. We will see if the program is experiencing the same mistakes or can restore files in their entirety.

I believe, the most desirable when purchasing this program are able to get your old files that have been deleted without the need to come to export data recovery

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After waiting more than 10 minutes, the program is completed file recovery. Results of recovery into several types according to the file, as shown below


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There you can see, there is an archive folder, video, audio and image documents. I tried to take the video that is already in recovery. And the video is 100% successful in recovery. I can see the video that I remove a few months ago. Its turn out, Deep scan feature is reliable. The key to this application is Deep scan. Quick scan may only be used to see at a glance what is missing from your partitions.


The interface of Disk Drill is very simple making it easier for users to use. There are not too many icons and menus. Simply displaying multiple partitions you have, then each partition has a quick menu Scan and edit scan. You can do the action for each partition or all partitions at once. Simple and easy to use.

Auto update

When you decide to buy a disc drill, this program has an auto update feature so you will not miss the best part.

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Disk Drill supports all storage media ranging from hard drives, flash up to micro SD. Simply plug the flash drive into the computer and the program will recognize and move QUICKSCAN or deep scan that as I said above. format supports FAT32 to NTFS partitions also linux. This software is fully supported SD card, so if you’re looking for SD card data recovery software for windows, you can choose this amazing software, Disk Drill for windows.

Disk Drill is available for Windows and Mac OS. But the company is also expanding into the mobile realm by providing data recovery application for Android and iPhone.

What I love about this app is the interface that is simple and easy to use. In addition, not many menu will confuse novice users.

In conclusion This program is suitable for beginners who want to recover files at home, without the need to come to a data recovery expert and spend money there.

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