Redesign Concept Inspiration for Social Media Sites

The concept of the layout of a web application is the foundation, and you should make it a strong foundation. Design layout of web applications need to consider several factors such as the beauty of design, functional, eye catching with the perfect color selection. Apparently it is difficult to do. Someone must have experience in the field of UX and UI. Designers must understand in depthly what is UX (user experience ) or how to provide an interesting experience, easy and enjoyable to the user when using the product.

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What I like in this field is how to make the user does not get bored with the web interface provided. For that there is the so-called redesign. Some of these layouts will refresh your eyes, look redesign of web services such as instagram, facebook, twitter and others.

It’s just the design, not the actual application, and all the buttons do not work.

And this is, best-inspiring Redesign Concept Inspiration for Social Media Sites

1. Redesign Concept of Instagram



2. Linkedin Redesign Concept

linkedin redesign concept


3. Twitter Redesign Concept

twitter redesign concept


4. Skype App Concept Design
skype app concept


5. Wikipedia Redesign Concept

wikipedia redesign concept


6.  Skype Redesign Concept

skype redesign concept


7. Google Drive Redesign Concept

google drive redesign concept


8. Youtube Redesign Concept

youtube redesign concpet


9. Dropbox Redesign Concept

dropbox redesign concept


10. Wikipedia Redesign Concept Part II

wikipedia redesign concpet 2


11. Sportify Redesign Concept

sportify Redesign Concept



Those are some very inspiring design concepts. Perhaps the above companies do not implement the design, but you are as designers and developers can use these concepts to your application.


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