Gearing up for Outdoor Photography: 10 Things You Need to Know


Photography is a lovely hobby, and millions of people around the globe love it and enjoy it. It is interesting because it has an abundance of subfields and each of them is interesting in a particular way. Some people focus on wedding photography, others on urban photography, there are those who fall in love with wedding photography or macro photography; it all depends on what you love.

There are even those who only fall in love with the post processing photography part and end up creating a photo editing company. Photography is simply too big, and there is an abundance of fields you can choose.

One of the particularly interesting fields that attract many people is outdoor photography. Every shooting session is a passionate adventure which always becomes a great experience. If you want to become an outdoor photographer, the following are some gear tips you should keep in mind.

Be prepared for different weather conditions

Learning how to shoot in different weather conditions is only the starting point of your outdoor photography journey. Before every shoot, it is essential to check the weather conditions you can expect to experience and prepare accordingly.

It is necessary to bring various accessories that will keep your camera safe from sun, water, or snow. This is very important as your camera can become quite damaged without proper protection. Therefore, take a look at various types of accessories which offer protection for your DSLR or mirror-less camera.

Bring a variety of lenses

When you are into portrait or urban photography, all you need is a prime lens or a versatile 24-70mm zoom and you are covered for 99% of scenarios. However, outdoor photography brings a lot of different scenarios, and relying on the primes is definitely not the best option. It is important to get long zoom lenses which are going to allow you to take shots of particular distant regions, which might be impossible to reach otherwise.

Also, there are animals in the wilderness that will not allow you to come closer, and you should be able to shoot from a distance. Therefore, make sure that you bring several different zoom lenses for your camera; it will give you much more flexibility, making it possible to maximize your performance during every session.

But, also pick up a wide prime with you; they are quite useful for taking great landscape photos.

Don’t forget a tripod

Just because you are shooting outside in broad daylight doesn’t mean that you do not need a tripod. To achieve some effects, it is necessary to slow down the shutter speed, which cannot be done well without a tripod. However, remember to bring a versatile tripod which is easy to carry and use.

For example, imagine doing a time-lapse without a tripod? It is impossible. Therefore, think about your goals and the effects that you want to create in your photos and pack a tripod.

ND Filters

Once you are outside, there are plenty of different photos you can take. Some scenarios are going to lead to conflicting situations. For example, you want to blur the stream in your photo and show its motion, this requires longer exposure time, but your outdoor photo is then going to be overexposed. Well, if you bring one or two ND filters, you can easily reduce the light that is coming to your sensor.

Simply take some time and read about the great uses of ND filters; it will directly help you determine whether you need one.

Flash and reflectors

Flash and reflectors might be of some use. Many believe that you do not need them for outdoor photography, but shadows can sometimes cause a lot of problems. However, it is possible to take advantage of the sunlight, manipulate it in a way, and bring light to your subjects.

Reflectors are very easy to use, but playing with a flash outside requires a bit of experience, as your shutter speed is locked at particular values.

Backup batteries and backup storage

Once you get a camera, you should immediately get the backup batteries and storage. Having these two is going to allow you to never fail on your shoot, as running out of any of these things is going to stop your photo session.

Always have an extra battery or two on your side. When it comes to memory cards, you do not need more than two, and you should also bring a hard disk drive, especially if you are traveling for a couple of days; it will allow you to take regular backups and free up space on your SD card.


Do you want to shoot a time-lapse? – This is a neat little tool that you are going to love. Simply set up the shooting interval and leave the camera to do its work.

White balance cards

Setting up the white balance can sometimes be a pain, but having these cards on you at all times is going to let you easily shoot with a perfect white balance.


Tripods are great, but they cannot be placed just anywhere. It is a much better option to take a bean bag as well, as it is going to provide stability for your camera in numerous different places.

Water and snacks

This is not directly related to photography, but you will not be able to focus well without feeling fresh! Take a chocolate bar or two with you and always carry some water.

These are the most important outdoor photography gear tips you should have in mind. The most important thing is to think about the conditions you are shooting in. This is going to dictate which pieces of gear are going to be useful for your photoshoot.

7 Important Image Manipulation Tips from the Pros

Image manipulation or photo editing is an important part of photography. After all, the end product we see online is almost always the result of some kind of photo manipulation, since people tend to use available filters. One of the differences between armature and pro photography is also in editing since professional images usually undergo heavier editing.

If you are interested in advancing and honing your photography skills, you should also take some time to work on your photo editing. In this guide, we are going to list some of the popular techniques and tips you can use to help you become better at image manipulation.

Know the tool you are going to use

The first thing you should definitely do is learn to navigate the photo editing tool you will use. This is something that will increase your efficiency tremendously. It is important to learn all of the shortcuts that are frequently used, and that is how to undo your move, and how to zoom in and zoom out.

Additionally, you should learn to find the most used tools instantly as well. As you know quality photo manipulation software comes with a whole arsenal of features, and knowing where each one of them is located is going to come in handy.

Luckily, software designers are well aware of their user base, so professional tools have gone through many updates and versions, and developers usually put these frequently used tools in the same place, so that they can be easily accessed.

Once you manage to learn all of these things, the entire editing process will be a lot quicker, and it won’t be too bothersome for you to experiment and master the entire platform as a true pro.

Remove unnecessary elements 

One of the easiest tricks professionals use is simple cropping. You’d be surprised just how much difference this can make. If you remove all of the irrelevant or distracting elements of the picture, the main point of focus is perceived a lot differently. Of course, this simple cutting will only remove things that are on the edges of the photo; you’ll have to use different tools for more central editing.

Furthermore, you must crop the image without sacrificing its quality, so it is up to you as a photographer to make sure this is possible. When you are taking photos, ensure you are using a quality camera with high resolution.


Professional photographers are absolutely obsessed with lighting since it is the most important aspect of the photo that makes it look professional. The explanation for this is rather simple, and there are two good reasons why it is so essential.

The first reason is that by manipulating light, you can alter the photo in a way that is different from what we would normally see as observers. The second reason is that you can use it to highlight the subject of the photo and make it look good. This is really great when you have to make a portrait of someone.

By using these techniques, you can place a person in the shade and put even lighting on their face. This is also really crucial for landscape photography, and as you know, usually the best shots of the landscape are early in the morning with sunrise or late afternoon at sunset. So, go through some professional photos and see what they do with light by comparing the original and edited version. You can hire professionals to edit your photos and you can learn from them.

Master healing brush 

 One of the reasons why everybody loves photo editing tools is because they can make our faces look so pristine and beautiful. The real hero here is a tool called healing brush, since it is used to remove all of the facial irregularities, like zits, moles, wrinkles, and dark circles.

With this simple tool, anyone can look younger, and more attractive, just like models on magazine covers. So, take some pictures of yourself, selfies, or some portraits and start experimenting with the healing brush tool to learn how to use it right.

Adjusting contrast 

There is usually a feature called Lightroom which allows you to manipulate contrast in the photo. For example, you can give a minor boost in contrast between a blue sky and a cloudy sky. All you have to do is select Luminance and move the blue slider to the left. By doing this, you will darken the sky. It is important to remember not to overdo it since the cloud edges or any other objects in the sky can start to intrude into the sky.

Dodge and Burn 

Since light is so important for professional images, this tool will be used really frequently. These are basically two features – one is called Dodge, and the other one is Burn, and they allow you to either lighten or darken particular areas of the photo. Photographers can increase (burn) or decrease (dodge) exposure to lighten or darken the areas on the print.

Be really cautious when you are using these tools because applying them on the background will change the image information permanently, so use a duplicate layer to edit the image without harming it.

In the options bar, you will choose between Midtones, Shadows, and Highlights, and you will choose between dodge and dark to make these aspects of the photo brighter or darker.

Pre-made filters 

Lastly, you should know there is a way to edit your images really quickly and add cool effects in only a few clicks. There are the tools that can add filters or effects immediately or action packs for photo editing tools, which enable a variety of different filter features. So, go through the available and free action packs, and pick those that you would like to use on your images. By applying a filter and tweaking out all the details later, you can reduce the editing time significantly.

These were some of the important tips you should know if you want to be a photographer. Hopefully, the guide will help you, and you will master your favorite software in no time.

Top 6 Mobile App Optimization Tools You Should Use to Reach Your Audience

Mobile apps development has become a big business, these days, and it’s evident in the way more and more businesses are opting for it and competing against each other. The speed at which mobile usage is leapfrogging desktop, and people have become glued to their applications, prevailing over the leading app stores has become a necessary. Whether you are developing Iphone App or Android   isn’t enough to achieve desirable results, instead one needs to make sure that their app enjoys visibility on the major app stores such as Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon app store, and so on.

Creating an app that’s groundbreaking and discover able at the same time is a strategy that demands optimization. With app stores are jam-packed with a plethora of mobile apps and each app is fighting for attention, how do developers strive to make their app standout. It’s a fact that customers don’t bother much to compare a number of potential apps, so it has become all the more important for digital marketers to optimize their apps for better in-store research. App store optimization is a technique that allows you optimize multiple elements ( such as keywords, content, titles etc.) of your app to enhance its visibility.

Fortunately, there are a great number of optimization tools available that make sure your apps are found in the app stores. In this post, I have compiled a list of some cutting-edge mobile app tools that are ideal to improve your app discoverability, thus increasing downloads and maximizing revenue. The tools listed below are chosen on the basis of their popularity, dependency, and performance quality.

So, let’s know about them in detail.
1. SearchMan

SearchMan is one of most popular mobile app store optimization services opted by developers to track search ranking, keywords analysis etc., to make their app more discoverable. The tool performs a number of functions such as searching regular tracks for both Android and iOS devices, which ultimately helps you to study the competition.

It also lets you know about app store keywords to get your app noticed. With the help of data-driven keywords, there are better chances to get it installed by buyers. It improves your overall SEO to make sure your app perform better in terms of search ranking. The higher is the ranking, the more amount of downloads it will boast.

2. Appstatics
Provide your app the most appropriate positioning in app stores using this exceptionally reliable tool. Developed by Appsfire in 2012, the services of Appstatics is mainly divided into three key areas. They are:

Discover- The most important section that gives developers an insight about world’s best ranked applications. The section is divided into three categories. These categories are released this week, released this month, and all time. The categories provide developers an idea about which applications are leading or what are the most popular among users.

Track- Appstatics also includes a well-built tracking system to enable developers track application ranking on iOS devices after every 3 hour. The section is very simple to use, all you need is just add the name of the app you want to track and then start tracking. The first 300 apps can be search easily using their names or the company’s name they belong to.

Analyze- It’s very easy to analyze the performance of any app using Appstatics. This section will definitely fascinate you, especially when it comes to tracking your competitor’s app. In fact, you can also track marketing tools that your competitor is using. This will give you a clear idea of how to keep them on the back foot.
3. App Annie
Show your app at its best using this resourceful tool. App Annie is a perfect platform that helps you take informative decisions regarding your app in the most effective manner. As an ASO tool, it gives you metrics about the performance of your app in app stores. The metrics it gives include search traffic, keywords tracking, and testing. It also shows you the list of apps that are trending and offers you best keywords based on their relevance and search value. If there is anything to improve, App Annie will tell you and thus bring your app to the limelight.

4. Straply
Care about your app success using Straply. As a top-notch application optimization tool, it offers some competitive set of tools that help you boost your application visibility. No matter whether it’s about launching a new app, searching for rich keywords, or keeping an eye on competitors, Straply has everything to fulfill your needs.

With the help of its robust ASO tools, you can have a better idea of the phrases you need to ensure a desirable ranking. Its generated keywords offer you best end results while making sure you convert potential users into promising customers. In addition to this, Straply also provides an insight about your competitor’s performance by showing you a direct ranking comparison between both of your apps. In addition, it provides you a weekly data for both iOS and Android platforms to track your app performance.

5. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a reliable application ranking tool for both iOS and Android developers. Founded in 2013 by Alex Malafeev, Sensor Tower that monitor your ranking in application stores. It offers a great deal of features that are quite helpful to understand user engagement and retention level. It provides you with the right set of keywords that your app actually cares about. Know what your competitors are up to and the phrases you are missing in your app.

You need Sensor Tower because:

It makes your app easier to find.
Lets you track individual ranking and also notifies you when the raking gets changed.
Optimized tools improve your keyword efficiency in the quickest possible time.
You can also track your app performance and the amount of traffic it attracts.
Monitor keyword based ranking
Different keyword suggestions to augment while showing you how your app is ranked against them.

6. provides you with a most accurate estimates of your application search ranking performance. By tracking how your app ranks against your competitors, it gives you a real insight on the steps you need to take to stay on the top of App stores. makes your app discoverable by providing you with an ability to compare, test, and monitor the overall performance of your app. It also keeps a track of your competitor’s moves. Its comes with a keyword prediction tool helps you guess keywords your competitors are using. In addition, it helps you predict your position in the app store to increase the probability of your application visibility.

Some of its highlighting features include:

It’s a nice tool when it comes to data validation or generating keywords to increase the popularity of your app.
Gives you a clear metrics of the keywords that your competitors are using to help you stay ahead of the curve.
You can check the visibility of your app on a regular basis. Apps that are ranked higher are downloaded more by users.
It offers a keyword module using which you can develop an idea of your own keywords.
To Wrap Up

That’s the end of the round up of some best of breed application optimization tools that help you to ensure whether your app is reaching to the right set of audience or not. Using them you can find the most popular keywords related to a specific topic of your app. As right keywords are crucial for the success of an app as it encourages organic install, so make sure you choose any of the above mentioned tools and show your app at the top of the app stores search ranking.

Best Resource Sites to Learn CSS

css tutorial site

CSS is used to set the look of the website to make it more beautiful, none of the websites in the world what do not use CSS. HTML and CSS is a solid combination. HTML is used to make the show, and CSS is used for styling.

CSS is always developed by developers, browser makers are also constantly updating its newest engine in order to process the latest version of CSS. Many CSS tricks that you can use to make your site better and more beautiful.

Here is a collection of websites that you can use to learn the tricks of CSS.


css tutorial site

This website is all about CSS, a key tool in web design. In case you’re not familiar with CSS: CSS is the sister technology to HTML that is used to style your web pages. The details are in the tutorial, but for now we can say that CSS can make your web pages look great!


This page contains CSS snippet and trick. You can learn directly into code.


This site teaches the CSS fundamentals that are used in any website’s layout.



This site will teach you CSS from basic.


css tutorials

If you want to work with designing your own webpages, you need to be able to understand and write CSS. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, because in this tutorial, you will be able to learn pretty much anything there is to know about CSS, from the most basic stuff about syntax and simple properties, to more advanced examples.

6. CSS-101

css 101

7. CSS Trick by

css tricks

8. CSS by Tut

css by tut

9. CSS Reset

css reset

Best Icons Font for Web Designers

Icon-font based is currently a trending because of the ease of compatibility with all browsers. Moreover, the website becomes faster loading. Most modern websites use icon-based font to replace the image-based icons (png, ico and jpg). I’ve been using  icons-font based and very easy to use. The best example is fontawesome. Icons pack that is used by many websites and become the standard. But, did you know that many alternatives fontawesome that you can use for your web design project.
This post will discuss alternatives to the font-based icons fontawesome.

Typicons Pack

typicons pack

Typicons are free-to-use vector icons embedded in a webfont for easy use in your user interfaces, whether it be on the web or in a native application.

The set of icons are available on Github, with everything included from the source files in SVG format to the minifed CSS. You can even use this project to build your own custom version of Typicons! Find out more here.

This version greatly improves Typicons, with the addition on 220 icons with solid and outline styles and Github hosting of the source content. So what are you waiting for? Combine HTTP requests with a retina ready, resolution independent, screen-reader-friendly webfont.

Fontello Pack

fonttello icons pack

Genericons Pack

genericons pack

Genericons are vector icons embedded in a webfont designed to be clean and simple keeping with a generic aesthetic. Use for instant HiDPI or to easily change colors on the fly.

Entypo Icons Pack


Open Iconic

open iconic

Easy to use font icons with your fav. CSS framework.

Socicon : Special Social Media Icon Font


Socicon was created to give people an easy way to customize social icons



icono is an icon pack that needs no external resources. Every tags can be an icon made with pure CSS.

PaymentFont – Icon set for payment app.

paymentfont icon set

A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods

Weather Icons Set

weather icon set

Weather Icons is a font of 189 weather themed icons, ready to be dropped right into Bootstrap or any other project.


octicons pack

Material Design Icons Pack

material design icons pack

Material Design Iconic Font is a full suite of material design icons (created and maintained by Google) for easy scalable vector graphics on websites.

MFG Labs Icons Pack

mfg labs icons pack

We have designed a friendly icon set for an internal project. It is designed to be easily embeddable on a website or application using a webfont and css.

Devicons Set

devicons set

Devicons is a full stack iconic font ready to be shipped with your next project. Created, handcrafted and coded by Theodore Vorillas Devicons contains 85 vectorized sharp glyphs . Devicons iconic font is free to use and licensed under MIT.

Socialicious Icon Set

socialicious icons

A social media icons library in font form made to extend Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome





Solved : How to Remove Delta-Home from Your PC (Windows)


Windows users vulnerable to viruses and malware, especially adware is included in freeware or cracked software. This is very dangerous and can steal your data. I have just experienced is delta-home adware. Delta-home will stick in your browser: firefox and google chrome. Each time you open the browser, then the Delta-home will replace the search engine of your choice and the front page of the browser will be replaced with ads and the content of the Delta-home garbage.

Delta-home must be Destroy

Delta-home greatly interfere with daily activities, to delete it takes time and effort. To that end, better use software to remove it. This software can be run directly, without the need to install it.

Download here

The workings of this software is to delete the registry and setting written by delta-home and clean out your browser. This software may not be setting the default search engine for the browser, so you have to do it manually. While delta-home adware  has been erased.

Video How to Remove Delta-home

Personal Review of Notepad++ After Used it for Few Years


When reading post from Codegeekz blog, I remembered that he had not mentioned notepad++, whereas notepad++ is powerfull text editor and easy to use. But, notepad++ only can run on the  windows OS (all versions). Over the last few years, I always use notepad++ to create  websites.

Currently, notepad++ reached version 6.7.7 and I’ve used it as version 5.0. The advantages of notepad++ are

[code tipe=”rs”]

  1. Easy to use
  2. Very lighweight, so you can running notepad++ on old PC or laptop. Support all windows system.
  3. No dependency
  4. Portable version or installed version.
  5. Has many syntax highlighter, so whatever your programming language are covered.
  6. Free forever.
  7. And many more.

Here is screen shot of Notepad++

notepad++ for windows

Notepad++ also have text utility, you can use it for your project, save time and life.

notepad++ with text fx

And you can browse many notepad++ plugin, and this is special notepad++ plugin for coding in wordpress

[code tipe=”728″]

Personally, I like notepad++ because of the advantages that I mentioned above and the ability to remember what has been opened. Let me open the index.php file and close it, then the next few days, I want to continue the project, notepad++ will automatically remember the file  last opened. Really helped me.

So, I do not forget the idea of the project that I was working.


Finally, I Found ShareX Alternative for Linux, No Kidding

sharex alternativ

Switching to Linux is the biggest step and affect the way I work with computers. On the other hand, using linux facilitate work as a web programmer, but to create a design, I have to look for alternatives to photoshop, and I was lucky to find it.

And to write a tutorial, I usually include screenshots. And I took this screenshot directly using shareX. It was while in windows, but when in linux, I can not use shareX. The idea of ​​running shareX with Wine taste quite right, because there are some features that can not be used shareX. Wine can only run the notepad and internet explorer. 2015, who want to use internet explorer?

[code tipe=”336″]

Thus, replacement shareX undiscovered.

Finally, I tried to look it up on google and found a small program that I need, this small program is the core of shareX. Take screenshots and upload them to the cloud, simple once right?

sharex alternativ

If shareX has many features, this program will only have one of these features, but can be used.

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Introduce, Fileshare


File Share is a python-based program created by aiki code. The program is quite simple and

  1. easy to use.
  2. The surplus
  3. Small size of this program, thus saving memory
  4. easy to use
  5. simple


  1. Features too little
  2. Can not save screenshots to a local hard disk
  3. That produced .png file, so its size is too large. Should be able to use .jpg

Ok, Download Fileshare Right Now

Download .deb and install. If you are a python developer, you can download the source code and develop your own version.

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More info

Finally, Developer Will Get Dream Job Here


Web developer or designer need jobs. Therefore, we provide a special page for developers and designers to get the job. Introduce a new job pages that we released a few days ago. This page will be filled with top selected job for designers, not just a regular job, but the kind of work that is challenging, not boring and comes from a top company, well-know company.

We also plan to fill the job for freelance designers, so for those students who want to use their skills and earn extra money, could be working on several projects.

In essence, we are delivering

  1. Full time job for professional web developer and designer.
  2. Freelanace jobs
  3. Part time job
  4. Remote job.

Remote job is my favorite, because this type of work can be done from anywhere, free time and of course have a deadline. Labor providers can pay less and flexible.

Access here FWD Jobs Page

Submit Your Web Dev Jobs

We also receive from you and of course free forever. You can send details of your job to our email and after that will be displayed on the page FWD job.

Send your job detail to [email protected]

Why You Should Install Windows 10 Insider Preview Before it Closed by Microsoft


Windows 10 comes with fresh hope, which is free to use. For those who have a non-genuine Windows, can immediately get updated windows 10 for free and it is legal. The reason, why Microsoft will release Windows 10 for free, not the income derived from the sale of software microsoft?

Microsoft business very fast movements and revolutionary. Microsoft seems to pay attention to several vendors release the operating system for free, just call Apple’s release of Mac OS X and Linux open source community. Now, Linux becomes easier to use. If Microsoft does not release windows 10 for free, of course, I keep using Linux Mint which I loved.

Android can also be a threat to Microsoft. In the future, it could be a desktop operating system, android for desktop. Google will support Android as their OS, especially with super strong support from the open source community. Microsoft with windows will soon be evicted.

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What steps microsoft business? maybe one of them is to release windows 10 for free, but not open source. By doing so, Microsoft still get the product users. So, where did Microsoft get the revenue?

If seen from the above step, microsoft possibility will get income from the app store, as is done by Android, which Google release android to the public, but it can get income from advertising, paid programs and others. Addendum: Microsoft will get income from support and updates.

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This step is similar to what is done by RIM, where they release the BBM to android and iPhone. BBM to be the key revenue RIM, but RIM released to the public and remain standing until now. BBM even grow stronger and the number of users increases rapidly.

That’s why at first glance the story windows 10 is released to the public. Now, I want to show you how to create a Windows 10 insider previews as the OS that you can use everyday for FREE!!

Windows 10 Insider preview can be downloaded for free and you can use it legally, because the .iso files come from microsoft. Weakness is a Windows 10 Insider preview is an automatic update to the Microsoft server. Users can not prevent or stop it. But, I get a simple way to stop it.

Is this illegal action? I do not know, I certainly do not hack it

Preparation before start

  1. Download iso file from microsoft. Click here. You can choose 32bit or 64bit.
  2. Burn it into your flashdisk with ISO2burn. You need blank flash disk, minimal 4GB
  3. Then boot your PC with that flash disk.

Here is video guide how to install windows 10 on your PC.

Ok, you was successfully installed the windows 10 insider preview. And now you can follow these simple steps.

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  1. On the search bar, just type service and click view local service
    view local service
  2. Scroll down and looking for Windows Update service component. Just double click
    windows 10 update force stop
  3. And you will get this window
    windows 10 inside preview force update
  4. Just disabled startup type, then stop the service and click apply. You’re done
  5. Your windows 10 insider preview is not contacting microsoft any more, and you get free-legal windows OS.

Why I do it?

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Because, insider preview windows 10 operating system is still in beta stage, chances are, there are still bugs. However, it can be used legally. If you are concerned about licensing and copyrights, you will definitely notice about the license to use a product.

Promise Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10 free to all users of Windows earlier, even the use of products that are not genuine or pirated. It is the promise of fun.

But, what happens if Microsoft does not keep its promise? and you have to pay some money to buy Windows 10. By install Windows 10 insider previews, at least you can run your favorite applications legally. That is the reason I use windows 10 insider previews.

Experience Using Windows 10 Insider Preview

I am use windows 10 insider previews for a variety of jobs, ranging from writing a blog, photo editing with Photoshop CS 2 (free and legal), using office libre / open office and make the web with notepad++. Everything is running normally. But, I have not used it to play games. I can also use it to see the film fast and farious 7. Fluent, without any obstacles at all.


Tutorial : How to Create Multiple Pop Up with Icegram

Icegram really easy to use and fun. In contrast to the plugins I’ve ever used, even there is a problem with the cookies, so that pop up could not perform. While icegram always succeed. It show, icegram is coded is very well.

After the article yesterday, I want to continue, how to create scenarios pop up that appears. You can also combine it with the notification, message bar and others. You can select the pop-up appears on a page that you select.

Ok, we start.

1. Add new Campaign

add new campaign icegram

2. Create New Messenger.

This pop-up will appear first on the ten seconds. Thus, after the page has loaded, 10 seconds and then will appear a message.

icegram tutorial

And choose template what you want

icegram tutorial action

Also choose where the message wil display

icegram position

Done, first pop up is completed, you can jump to second pop up. You can fill this pop up with notification. Ok, lets begin.

Repeat the steps above, but at this point you have to choose Toast. As shown below


Proceed as steps that I mentioned above.
You can add pop up as many as you want. Please read how to make a good pop ups to bring profit.

Whats Next?

The most important thing is to determine where the pop-up page will appear, to whom will perform and how many times will appear. Do not let visitors get annoyed with pop-up you. Please scroll Icegram page, and get the look like this


You can arrange it all with this panel. very easy and fast.

Tip: do some tests in order to pop up that you create to your liking. There is a preview button that you can use to see the pop-up design you created

Once everything is completed, the last step to publish and your job is finished.

What I Choose, VPS or Shared Hosting. Based on My Experience


A website needs hosting. At this time, there are 2 options, using shared hosting or VPS (even a dedicated server). Shared hosting is easier to use, less risk and its more complete. For beginners who want to have a website, which does not want to use a free service like wordpress and blogger, better use of shared hosting. Usually shared hosting using cPanel which is easy to use. Although simple, there are some people who can not use cpanel. If you include people like that, please use this tutorial.

Another alternative is to use the VPS. VPS mostly use Linux, although some use windows. Using the VPS is much more difficult and you have to know the basics of linux and the web server. Moreover, you should understand the basic security of a server. VPS is very similar to dedicated server.

I had a few months using VPS, and very satisfied with its performance. The website is much faster when accessible and easier to develop a website. You can save any number of sites you there, as long as your server is capable of handling.


I chose Shared Hosting Because …

Shared hosting is much easier to use, and ready to use when you complete the payment. In shared hosting, security is usually already there. Party hosting providers usually have secured your hosting package, so that your site will be safe, unless you have a website script bugs that could be used by hackers to break into your hosting package.

Shared hosting that I recommend are

mediatemple host

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Mediatample (MT)
  4. ASO (asmallorange)
  5. Siteground

They have a good hosting package, powerful hardware and a nice pace. The price offered is around 3-9 dollars per month. I have experience with BlueHost and HostGator. Both are good hosting provider. But, in my HostGator been suspended for using too many resources, my site has a UV 7K per day. And apparently shared hosting package from HostGator are not able to handle it.

While Bluehost ability to handle more than 10 sites with visitor per site between 300-1000 UV per day. Quite good. But, to do a backup, at Bluehost is not as easy at HostGator. You can not create a backup file on the whole site, you must do it one by one.

You will hassles when your site grows larger and shared hosting no longer able to handle. Hosting provider may close access to your site, without telling you first. And this is not good for your site.

The solution: ask the hosting provider’s request to raise your level to a VPS hosting package. Maybe it takes no small cost, depending on the provider hostignya. Another solution is to regularly perform backups and when the provider hosting your website even close access your account, then you are ready to move to the VPS.

I choose VPS Because ..

VPS is much more difficult compared to shared hosting. You must know the command Unix / Linux, due to the interaction with the server using the command line, no longer uses cpanel. Although there are many control panel for VPS. There are free and paid.

Actually, the advantages of VPS is much more compared to shared hosting. You have more power to serve visitors to the site, and this will enhance the visitor experience.

Some of the advantages of VPS

  1. Free to determine the web server
  2. Access website to be faster
  3. Have direct access to the webserver systems
  4. More efficient if you have many sites
  5. Unlimted database domain + add on
  6. Have root access
  7. Backup easier
  8. Free to determine the scripts that run

etc. The bottom line is the freedom to grow. It is impossible for sites using shared hosting, definitely use the VPS or dedicated server, if use shared hosting, within 1 hour already on the blacklist.

However, VPS prone to hacker attacks. A few weeks ago, my server was down because of a hacker attack that strikes all the open ports of the VPS.

If you are using a VPS, you can choose some bash script to install and configure the VPS quickly and easily. You can choose VPSSIM or easyengine. VPSSIM only run on centos while easyengine for families debian including ubuntu.


Wherever you store your hosting, whether in shared hosting or VPS, always do the backup and the backup download to dropbox or a local hard drive. Because, you never know when your website is down. File your website is very important. If in the VPS, you can use a cronjob to perform backups or using this script