Collection Behance API Libraries for Web Developers

Who does not know the Behance? leading site created by Adobe for digital artists. We can see a wide variety of digital artwork such as pictures, designs, templates, photography, icons, branding process and others. Behance is that a lot of the art database. They have a useful Behance API to provide access to other applications […]

Basic Resources to Learn Laravel for Newbie

Laravel an interesting framework. I am interested in codes laravel, so simple, short and generates advanced web applications and standardized. Their tag line: Laravel, PHP framework for Web artisans, it looks like it fits. After a few years I was using CakePHP, it seems I want to learn this laravel, not replace cakephp, but would […]

New Resources for Designers and Developers #5

I found some useful resources for developers and designers on twitter. They, the geeks share great stuff every day, and I gather these resources for you. And it is also very useful for me, so you can easily remember, I wrote in this post This post contains articles, tools, freebies, tips and tricks and Also […]

Useful Resource for SVG Icons Pack

If you like the icons, there are currently the latest news, create icons with CSS, it simply referred to SVG icon or scalable vector graphics. SVG icon is much more difficult to make because they have to use numerical computation to form an icon. But excess SVG icon is easier to develop and can be […]

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