HTTPS Everywhere, How to be Survive

I’m bored with search algorithm update from Google, and this time they incorporate SSL as a factor to determine the quality of a web page. Yes, by a factor of HTTPS, Google will give more value on the web page. The goal is to ensure the web is safe for users. With HTTPS protocol, confirmed the […]

Advance Tutorials for Next Level Web Development

List of this tutorial is intended for high level programmers and designers. For those of you who want to learn, are expected to already know the basics of programming. This tutorial will lead you to the next level of development. After that, you can develop a world-class application, international scale and can be used globally. I […]

ChartJS : Simple Way to Creating Chart Using HTML5

If you’re looking for a library to create charts, I highly recommend ChartJS. Why? ChartJS is a library-based on javascript and HTML5. The main foundation of this library is <canvas> element in HTML5. Yes, ChartJS requires the latest browser which supports HTML5 in full. Please check your browser using OutdatedBrowser. Recomended : HTML5 Chart

Web Design Trends That Will Make an Impact in 2018

Introduction Scrolling through what made 2017 great when it comes to web design was indeed rewarding. In addition to providing growth in chatbot, micro interaction and other user-interaction technologies it also created fresh approaches in the aesthetics department with styles like responsive design and minimalism that definitely formed stunning graphics. What is interesting is that […]

Why Article SEO is Damn-Suck?

I read an article on the internet, should a company hire an SEO writer? yes, now I just know there is another profession of a writer, which is an SEO writer. What is exactly SEO writer? in my view, SEO writer is a writer who can produce the paper but have the rules of SEO. […]

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