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What is it?

After knowing the advantages of google AMP I will give you some resource such as templates and plug in directly to Google and AMP. I suggest when you want to use Google Map use a template based on the new website and you have to be consistent to continue using Google AMP, since your content must meet the rules of the AMP as I described in my article this morning

The advantage of using Google AMP is the speed of your site will increase dramatically because of the size of the pages accessed by web visitors is very small, only about 200 KB. Google AMP does not require a special server that can run on a server Apache or nginx

Here are some resource you can use

Google AMP Template

Which makes Google’s interested in AMP is its simple design, responsive and elegant. Basically, Google AMP will restrict the website designer, but it actually will restore simplicity in designing of websites.

I became interested in the blogger template-based AMP, because the speed was amazing. I tried for a simple blog that I managed a couple of years and I am satisfied with the speed achieved.

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AMPNew Blogger template

ampnews blogger template

AMPNews Template by Lagioke is a top-quality AMP template for (Blogspot) websites. Its layout is simple but beautiful and practical, and it will for sure attract more people to your website by the combination of cutting edge material design and high loading speed.

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Vletters AMP Template for Blogger

vlatter amp blogger template

Vletters AMP Blogger Template is an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ready template for Google Blogger. It’s a minimal stylish design, your website with load in just a few seconds with this highly optimized template for your Blogger blog. The best thing it is completely free via our website for your disposal. Just download it for free. This template is next to AMP ready fully SEO friendly and is designed with a mobile first mind-set, and so extremely mobile-friendly. Vletters AMP template is ultra responsive.

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KompiAjaib AMP Blogger Template

kompi ajaib

Kompi Design With Google AMP Blogger Template is A Perfect Stylish blogger template. This template is ready for the future by being fully compliant with Google AMP HTML standards, Bootstrap standards, Responsive Design and support HTTPS protocol. Kompi is equipped with a Grid masonry on the homepage. Kompi comes out of the box with fully valid html 5 and css amp code, print ready and HCard author ready.

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Onfleek WordPress Theme Ready for AMP

amp for wordpress

Onfleek comes to fulfil your need of a contemporary creative magazine theme. It brings out the flexible, dynamic, and creative culture that explores your interests without boundaries. Designed with clean code and powered with new technology such as AMP and Built in Social OAuth, Onfleek is light, fast, and easy-to-use that lets you to slay on mobile and desktop search rank.

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Google AMP Plug-in for WordPress


wp amp plugin

WP AMP is a premium WordPress plugin which adds support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With this plugin, it takes just a couple of clicks to make your website go mobile.

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amp wp plugin

After activating this plugin, all posts on your site will have generated AMP-compatible versions. You can check the AMP version of your articles by adding /amp/ to the end of the URL. For example:

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And as bonus,  take this very complete guide about google AMP and how to implement it on wordpress.

And if you’re use yoast SEO, just check this out. Dont forget to customizing your wordpress plugin to output in AMP

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Actually there are quite a lot of resorts that I can mention here, but I decided to stop here and wait for you to switch to Google AMP. Indeed, not many sites in the world are already using Google AMP But I see technology of google AMP deserves to be ogled as promising work environment and satisfactory results. We just need to wait some time for Google AMP in order to become the standard of writing HTML worldwide

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