Rollerblade.js : A Jquery Plugin to Creating 360 degrees Object Rotation

Do you ever see a 2D object that can in turn be 360 degrees? 2D into 3D model like. For example: display smartphone in GSM arena. Please check the link here. In the above example, you can rotate it 360 degrees smartphone and you can see all parts of the object (smartphone) is. The question is, how to make something like that? Do you have to take a picture of the smartphone through various angles, then combine them?

Introducing Rollerblade.js

Is a jquery plugin that allows you to create what is like GSM arena did. You can combine a series of images, then Rollerblade.js will show his ability. The user can use the mouse to interact with objects, or using gestures (if accessing via a tablet or smartphone).


If you want the animation look smoother, you must have a lot of picture series. More and more images will produce the animation smooth, and the result is optimal. Animations look more realistic.

Unfortunately, users of older browsers, such as IE 8 down does not support this library. According to the manufacturer, Rollerblade.js can work perfectly on IE 9+ and all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Update your browser immediately.

Download this jquery here

Dependencies : Jquery


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