SEO Experts expose their On-Page SEO techniques

This article is a guest post from Olivia, content manager from ADEL SEO

Simply put, on-page SEO helps to optimize each web page on the site. It is done to get a high rank on the SERPs. The science of on-page SEO tactics includes both content and the technical SEO side, which comprises of descriptions, URL’s, titles and many more. 

Every start-up or established business needs to manage their SEO strategy in a way that it benefits the website visibility and the site’s online brand awareness. Today, there are several SEO on-page SEO tactics that companies use. Discussed below are some of the best on-page tactics according to the best SEO experts around the globe. 

David Klein

According to David Klein, it’s essential to optimize the title for conversion and search as well. When you change your title tag, it will enhance your web page rank. It is important to use some of your essential keywords in your title tag. Your website language also needs to be effective. The title tags will show in the Google search outcome. It also indicates that you can display your best-selling point much before a probable customer visits the website.

You can also make use of the Google Related Search for discovering additional keywords to use on your website. Simply using your target keyword all through you web page is not sufficient. You also have to type the keyword in Google, scroll down and also look for other associated keywords listed by Google. You can add all these words on the web page copy, and your ranks will improve.

The other thing that David suggests is to minimize the image size. Page speed is essential to enhance your SEO. One of the best ways to maximize page speed is to reduce the image size on each page. Today, you have the chance to get it done for free.

Stephen Seifert

Stephen recommends companies to emphasize on Google Featured Snippets. It is always a good feeling to rank above all the other market players in the SERP’s. When you opt-in for a couple of on-page optimization tactics meant for Google Featured Snippets you can witness several Search engine optimization benefits.

The immediate advantages are that companies will rank high as their content gets displayed in the best search engine globally. And in the long-run when you optimize the snippets, you are paving the path for voice search optimization. Today, voice search is taken to be one of the upcoming SEO trends that companies need to adapt in the days to come.

Simply put, Google Featured Snippets will give an answer to all the query-specific questions. Most voice searches are query specific inquiries. Wondering how can you optimize for the featured snippets? You need to think of a question that your potential clients will search online. You have to place your sub-heading or title, the question inside a H1, H2 and H3 tag. Make sure that there are 40 and 50 words beneath the header tag that answers the question. Features like lists, bullet points, tables, and steps are perfect for feature snippets.

Marc Nashaat

Marc gives importance to Schema Markup and precious data. Today, you can have much proof which suggests that rich snippets are here to rise. As voice search continues to increase the webmasters can categorize all the data on a web page for the bots to discover and display easily. It can be FAQ, list, entity, event and many more. Other than this there are several scopes for the webmasters to capitalize by making sure that the content is curated to be snippet ready.

He also talks about the connection between increased page speed and mobile friendliness. Google had already announced its mobile-first index. And since the launch of the AMP’s, it’s not difficult to understand that Google prefers web pages that get loaded fast. It also likes pages which are cross-compatible.

Google has already come up with a non-secure warning to every user visiting the HTTP pages. And as a proper rule, it is essential for websites to resort to an SSL certificate back in 2017 and even otherwise. It will be an important ranking factor to bank on in the future. Also, it will promote good business as well.

Zac Johnson

Zac says that to leverage on-page SEO initiatives he will try and determine the competition, even before he has written an article. The objective here is to observe what is working and what is not, but also to understand how your content can get better with time.

The moment you have the foundation correct, it is simpler for you to format the entire content flow, which also improves your ranking. It also, enables you to get the social as well as link promotion for the other quality resources too.

An excellent example of this is to write and try to rank for a new “how to article.” It is a competitive take. But you will always have ways to outrank the entire competition when you have high-quality content and better promotion. If a high-ranking article has just images and texts, it indicates that you need to come up with more text data and pictures. Additionally, you also need to develop an original infographic or video that compliments content. It will help with the required citations on other sites. It will also help you with social outreach.

When you get all this gets arranged, it will become very easy for you to make use of an outreach process that will yield a higher outcome. You can conduct an SEO and link analysis on every competing website. It will help you to check where they are getting all the links from. After that, you may want to reach out to these same sites and highlight that you have a far better as well as updated resource that you can link to. You can gain more information about it at adelaideseo

Different people have different on-page SEO tactics and processes to share. These four SEO experts are stalwarts in their field and have been applying on-page SEO in multiple ways to benefit the website in totality. Refer to all the tactics shared, weigh and assess and apply the ones that you like best.


Olivia is a content manager responsible for the editorial section at ADEL SEO, a website devoted to provide the best SEO services

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