[Snippet] Top Shareable URL of Social Network to Create Share Button

Share button required by each site to allow users to share articles / content into social media. If you are using addthis, then there are additional javascript you must include in your web page. Of course, the website will be slow when accessed. It is not good for the web, because the web can be accessed quickly and save bandwidth. According to some research, your website is given only 4 seconds to load an entire web page.

For sharing button, we do not need to add javascript. We can make it yourself is easy, just enough HTML code, because basically share button is an HTML link that has been equipped with a web address + share text.

This snippet will help you to create your own share button. Supports several popular social media such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, google + and others.[post-url][post-url]&text=[post-title]&via=[via]&hashtags=[hashtags][post-url][post-url]&title=[post-title][post-title]&url=[post-url][post-title]&url=[post-url][post-url]&title=[post-title][post-url]&name=[post-title]&description=[post-desc][post-url]&title=[post-title][post-url]&title=[post-title][provider]&noui&jump=close&url=[post-url]&title=[post-title][post-url]&title=[post-title][post-url]&t=[post-title]&s=[post-desc]&i=[post-img][post-url]&title=[post-title]

There are more than 10 social media.

Whats Next?

In recent days, I will make a wordpress plugin to allow a user to put a share button. We wait for the next post


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    December 24, 2016

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