Solved : How to Remove Delta-Home from Your PC (Windows)

Windows users vulnerable to viruses and malware, especially adware is included in freeware or cracked software. This is very dangerous and can steal your data. I have just experienced is delta-home adware. Delta-home will stick in your browser: firefox and google chrome. Each time you open the browser, then the Delta-home will replace the search engine of your choice and the front page of the browser will be replaced with ads and the content of the Delta-home garbage.

Delta-home must be Destroy

Delta-home greatly interfere with daily activities, to delete it takes time and effort. To that end, better use software to remove it. This software can be run directly, without the need to install it.

Download here

The workings of this software is to delete the registry and setting written by delta-home and clean out your browser. This software may not be setting the default search engine for the browser, so you have to do it manually. While delta-home adware  has been erased.

Video How to Remove Delta-home

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