[Solved] How to Take and Upload Screenshot Directly to WordPress Media Library (Seft Hosted WP Only)

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What is it?

When writing a tutorial, we can not missing screenshots. Especially if you write curated content that has a lot of pictures. The images must be uploaded one by one. Steps to upload one image alone very long, like this

  1. Take a screenshot with the print screen,
  2. Editing in Photoshop, according to the image size and file size
  3. Upload in wordpress media library and insert to post.

There are 3 steps are very time-consuming. If you have 30 images to be uploaded, and each image requires a processing time of 1 minute, maybe, you take more than 1 hour to make the article.

Not only that, but your energy will run out, and boredom will come to you. As a result, you do not have a creative spirit to produce good content. Supposedly, the technical stuff like this is easy to do.

I’ve tried many tricks and ways, but failed. And finally, last night I discovered the trick and I think successfully.

All you need is.

  1. ShareX or screenshot program that can directly upload screenshots that you take to the cloud.
  2. QQ World Auto Save WP Plugin
  3. Curl extension for PHP.

First step, Install QQ World Auto Save Plugin

To perform this trick, simply install QQ World Auto Save Plugins and does not need complicated settings. But if you want to change the name of the image, please edit. You can install the plugin via your WordPress dashboard, and it’s free.

Step Two, Download ShareX

Select shareX latest version so that you get the version with minimal number of bugs. If you already have the software, please update to the latest version, because shareX have a high frequency of updates.

Use settings such as this,

sharex setting

Functions: if you already take a screenshot, it will automatically be uploaded to your imgur.com and get direct url to the picture.

Step 3. Insert to Post

Then, In the wordpress editor, Add Media> Insert from URL and enter the URL that you get from Imgur. Then press Insert to Post

It’s Done. You do not need to edit, upload manually and stress free.


I see, the image file is located on a server imgur, that way it does not resolve my problem. I want the picture to be on my server.


That is true, for the moment image files still on the imgur server, but when and publish your article (in which there is a picture of this), then the QQ World Auto Save The plugin will download all the image files to your hosting, as well as automatically update your posts . This feature may require curl.


With this trick, the process of uploading the image becomes more simple, easy and fast. You can use besides imgur on sharex, but can use other services, eg dropbox.

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