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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System in the world because WordPress has a living and growing community. According to reliable data wordpress accounts for more than 27% of websites on the internet. If the website is on the internet it is about 100 million means WordPress is used by 27 Million website owners.

Seeing this kind of development I’m sure WordPress users are very much and they need information how to work with wordpress and develop it to be easier and in accordance with the wishes of the website owner.

For that I want to help them by providing resources that can be accessed easily and quickly. I created a medium where WordPress users can share wordpress resources. Resources here can mean articles, videos, podcasts, infographic, latest news, interesting promotions and more. WordPress users must have problems when working with content management, so I try to create a medium that can accommodate wordpress resources.

WordPress users can include links or other resources into the system that I created, then the link can help other WordPress users. So the core of this media is to help WordPress users to access wordpress resources in the form of content I have mentioned above. More on the news section that contains the latest news about WordPress. So, you will not miss wordpress news.

To access the media, you can follow Link here. The address is This media still needs to be refined because the development time is only short. If you have any suggestions or ideas related to, please submit the comments below and I will realize the idea if possible and in accordance with ideals

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