SuperOne WP Theme, Modular Concept to Build Various Website

I always think wordPress is software that can build all types of sites. Initially, wordPress was specifically designed to create blogs, but due to the development of time, WordPress has turned into professionally developed software and is free to build professional and safe websites.

All of that depends on the type of template you use. As I wrote yesterday, you can create an online shop using WordPress and woocommerce. Depending on the type of template you use, WordPress will be what you want it to be.

And in this edition, I’m really surprised. What I’ve been thinking about WordPress is right. WordPress is software to build all kinds of sites. I will discuss a template that can be used to build all types of sites using WordPress. For example, we can build professional portfolio sites, news sites, sites that focus on photography, online magazines and of course online stores using woocommerce.

Introduce, the SuperOne Wp theme created by SuperOne is multipurpose theme that sells for $ 59 USD at

The SuperOne concept is a modular template, which is to build a site using separate modules, and can be combined into a single unit. Finally, the site that you’ve been dreaming about can be realized.

Because this is a modular based template, you are free to be creative. Although very flexible, but to use it does not require expertise in the field of web development. This means you don’t need to change the program code line. Everything can be set on WordPress customizer. We must thank you for the WordPress customizer.

I will show you how great the SuperOne wp theme is to you. Well, we just start reviewing one of the demos provided by

Simple and sophisticated site portfolio

1. Header

header superone wp theme

In the header section the design is very simple, but that’s exactly the superOne sophistication. In 2018, simple concepts are preferred over design irregularities. The purpose of a simple design is that readers or site visitors can be more focused and distraction free.

I am also one of the fans of a simple minimalist design.

Here is an off canvas menu, logo and search icon. Very simple, all elements function perfectly without the smallest part that doesn’t work.

2. Main Portfolio

portfolio superone

The next part is portfolio. In accordance with the field that you are engaged in, you can fill in this section with your work. For example, if you have a career as a web designer, then you can display the best work. Can be in the form of website display, logo or color composition.

For portfolio display layouts can be adjusted according to your wishes.

3. Testimonials and videos

testimonial design

Testimonials are far more trusted than words. For that, you can place the testimonial module in this section, besides that you can also add a video that contains the way you work, a video that shows the client’s happiness after receiving your work.

4. Office and showroom address

contact form

In the next section you can add the office address and contact information that can be contacted. Can also add contact forms so that visitors can contact you via the website. Contact form is directly connected to the email, wherever you are accessible to prospective clients

That is a brief review of the SuperOne WP theme. Hopefully this article helps determine choices. Because Life is a choice, determine the best choice for your future

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