Best Restful Micro PHP Framework with Code Example and Tutorial

best restfull micro php frameworkCreating a web service without framework is very hard. Web service is an application that can be accessed via the URL or Restful. Most web service use restful  to interact with client, the reason is easy to use and simple. You can open a web service easily. With restfull micro PHP framework, you can build a web service quickly, easy and secure. There are many options restfull PHP framework you can choose, in the list below I put together a few restful micro PHP framework, completed with example code.

For example,  you want to create a web service to serve real- time data transport in a town. This web service can be accessed from anywhere, even can be accessed via mobile devices. You can also open a commercial web service, for example, the data soccer live, premium content networks like newscreed and others.

Restful micro PHP framework is certainly not a big framework, and may not be implemented for a large project. This framework is suitable for learning, however, you can still use this framework to a real project in real life. Read more