Great Resources to Secure Your VPS from Attacker + Bonus Video

how to secure vps

When deciding to use VPS rather than shared hosting, then you will get the key issues, namely security. Do not ever think that people out there are not going to attack your server. There are millions of script-kiddies who are ready to cripple your servers, regardless of the relationship with you, who are you or the person you are hostile.

VPS as you build a small house in the middle of a football field, at any time come rain, then your home will be affected. In contrast to shared hosting, where you build a house under a building. You will not be exposed to rain.

To that end, it is necessary security measures server. You can use the VPSSIM contained in it have a firewall or using easyengine, but you need to use iptables as firewall.

how to secure vps

This post will provide some tutorials to secure server (VPS) from attacks by hackers / crackers / script kiddies and other nuisance.

  1. Setting Iptables on Ubuntu 14.04 server ( i am use it)
  2. Basic configuration of Iptables on Centos
  3. Good story to secure your VPS
  4. Configure Right VPS Ubuntu
  5. Secure VPS with CSF



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