All New Typeface for Designers #3

Fun to play with a new typeface and font type. Each designer must have a lot of fonts, font collections that fill full the hard drive, flashdisk, dropbox and others. Many of them use Photoshop plugins to load fonts from the cloud, so dont need to download it manually. Most websites make photoshop plugins font providers to facilitate […]

Best Typeface / Font for Kids Posters or Cards

When you create a design for kids then you will need a font that is in a funny design and attracts children’s attention. It is not easy to find such a type to make the design look better. Designs for children usually have many colors to attract attention. This kind of design can be brochures, […]

15 Logo Fonts Every Designer Should Know

Logos are everywhere. Large, small, creative and not really: we see them every day wherever we go. If done properly with an exquisite taste, we enjoy and admire them. These visual images are an essential quality of both new and experienced brands. The first thing we notice about a logo is its color. It can […]

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