Ultimate Photos Pack for Web Designers


Sometimes, we need a photo pack for our project, for example web design, graphic design, blog post, to fill your blog or website content and others. To get a good photo pack and in accordance with our soul, is not easy. Our soul as a designer requires a photo that has high artistic value.

Yesterday I was looking for a free stock photo pack, which is a free photo bundled in one package, containing some pictures with high resolution, high quality and can be edited.

This is the result of my search, free stock photo pack that you can download. I got it from Behance and Dribbble

30 Photo Packs


Vintage Photo Packs

vintage photo packs


 10 Hi Res Photo Packs

hi res photo packs


DealJumbo Photo Pack Freebies


The Ultimate Photo Pack – Free Version by Ivo Ruijters aka. Around Seven contains 10 professional photos, as well as 10 blured background. All photos are in Hi-res JPG format ready for your next project.


Vintage Post Card

vintage postcard


20 Wood Texture Photo packs

photo packsd



My New Project : Stock Photo and Photography Site, Daily Update

Because i am have a hobby : photography, i will create a new project, a website that showcase my photo taken. I am using Canon 1100D camera and i love this camera. Right now, i dont have an idea to get domain name. Okay, i will search in when in toilet.

The concept of this project is show all my photo taken, and its not only a photo, its photo effected with software to make it better. Photo concept is unusual photo taken, in varity of side, unique of colors and many more. You can download its and can be use for web design and another creative project. Maybe you’re never seen this photo side before.

This project inspiring by Photo Party section in this site. I has been uploading new pic every week, you can download it on varity media : Mega.co.nz or flickr. So, when i am writting Free stock photos from photographer, i am ask to my self, why i am not doing same with them?

I am newbie, but i am really want to learning. So, i will release this project as soon as possible. You can stay at the website to get daily updated. I will update high quality photo daily and you can download it for free, use it as you want, no attribution required, no payment. Just use it for your creative project.

I will thanks for you when you’re send a comment, give me know what your awesome creative project which created with my pics.

So, stay tune on my blog, i will inform to you when it online.

Thank you very much.

Pure Stock Photos from Photographer for Designers and Developers

stock photo

A designer or developer need many stock photos for their project. If they are creating commercial project, maybe they purchase premium stock photos. But, if they are currently working with non commercial project, such as free template, brochure, blog post or another creative project they are need free stock photos. In mean, free is the pictures are non license and can use for anything without attribution required.

So, developer can distribute their creative work on the internet. Some day ago, i am was send my template in wordpress theme directory. Because unclear an image license, they are declined my work. In that case, we are know, photo license is very important. Yeah, today is millenium era

So, for developer and designer, we are has been feeding free stock photos from photographer to designer. Most of images in these stock photos are effected with software, its will be enhancing the photos. Cool, huh?

Lets begin with first my favorite

1. Unsplash


All images are in big size, dont worry if you want to set it as web header. Read more

2. Magdeleine.co


Its a collection hi res photo which can use for free. Read more

3. Gratisography.com


Its personal project created by Ryan Mcguire, and its very inspiring photos. He updated their collection weekly, so stay tune there if you want to get new piece. Read more

4. StartupStokPhotos.com

startup stock photos

Its a huge collection about startup photo topics, such as mac book photo, iphone photo in real life, team meeting and many more. Its project created by Sculpt. Read more

I will update this free stock photos from photographer as soon as possible.

Photo Party : Free 12 HD Photo Collection for All Your Project

free hd image

Its week end, and its time to share my photo was taken. Yeah, its photo party section. I was taken some photos in my town, i choose best moment, best place and best session in the year. Photo taken in old city, luxury place, street and more. You can use this photo as web background, web header, wallpaper and more.

All photos are free to all project, including commercial project, commercial ads and more. I am still learning in photography, so if you have suggestion, feel free to send comment in the below.

I was stored all photos in flickr, you can browse photos or download its from there.  And these some preview, total 12 HD photo image. If you want to photo management tool, try lychee

Another collection, you can follow here

  1. Onthel story
  2. Gembok

hd photos


the old

hd kuncup photos

Download from flickr