Useful CakePHP Libraries for Image Manipulation, Cropping, Resize and Thumbnail

CakePHP is a framework that is widely used by developers, including me. I was cakephp user since 2008, and makes CakePHP as the main foundation of web applications. By using the framework, web applications can be finished quickly and safely.

One of the problems using CakePHP is when dealing with the image. CakePHP able to  image processing such as image resizing, image cropping, image manipulation and others. I often do is upload the image. It seems very simple, just upload a file, but with CakePHP you can select any image file that can be uploaded.

Every work on projects related to the image, I keep the library, components, plugins associated with the image, and this time I wanted to share it all. Might be useful for you.

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Image Tool Component

image tool component

ImageTool is php class to perform various tasks with images. Every function accepts GD resource as input and can output it as well (just leave ‘output’ option empty).

This component has these function :

  • autorotate – autorotate JPG images (by exif data)
  • averageColor – get image’s average color
  • dominatingColor – get image’s dominating color
  • flip – flip image
  • grayscale – desaturate image
  • meshify – add mesh (grid of dots) over image
  • pixelate – pixelate image
  • resize – resize image
  • rotate – rotate image (only degrees divisible by 90)
  • unsharpMask – sharpen image
  • watermark – add watermark


QImage Component

qimage component for cakephp

Quick Image Component (Qimage) is a component for CakePHP to facilitate image manipulation and upload. Tested on CakePHP 2.x

  1. copy -> Copy uploaded images.
  2. resize -> Resize an image.
  3. watermark -> Add watermark in an image.
  4. crop -> Crop an image.
  5. getErrors -> Get all errors that occurred in Qimage.
  6. _verifyMime -> Verify the MIME type of a file based on file extension.
  7. _getCreateFunction -> Get image creation function based on image mime type.
  8. _getFinishFunction -> Get image finish function based on image mime type.

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CakeImageCropResize Plugin for CakePHP

cakephp image crop plugin

A small CakePHP plugin for resizing and cropping of images. Includes a Helper and Component.

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The Helper and/or Component gives you the ability to leave your original images in tact and resize/crop them for View only. Download

Image Soup Cakephp Component

image soup cakephp component

CakePHP component for image upload/checking, resizing and thumbnail generation (regular and square/cropped thumbnails). This component using GD library.


Image Thumbnail Helpers for Cakephp

thumbnail image helper for cakephp

Helper to generate thumbnail images dynamically by saving them to the cache. Alternative to phpthumb.


CakePHP Image Uploader

cakephp image uploader

Is a component for uploading images to the server. This component also comes with a thumbnail creation function, so you can easily create a thumbnail version

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CakePHP 3.0 Image Upload Behavior

CakePHP 3.0 Image upload behavior

If you are using CakePHP 3.0, you can use this component to upload image.


TinyMCE Image Upload for CakePHP

tinymce image upload for cakephp

Integration of Elfinder file manager(2.0-rc1) with tinymce(4.0.10) for Cakephp 2.x. Allows to upload images(and other files) in tinymce. Can be a free alternative for Tinymce MoxieManager image upload plugin


MySQL Image Storage

mysql image storage

Is a plugin for cakephp, so that your application has a function of inserting images into mySQL database. Download

Youtube Image Helpers

youtube image helpers

A youtube thumbnail generator class for CakePHP


CKEditor Image Upload for CakePHP

Ckeditor With Image Upload In Cakephp

Ckeditor With Image Upload In Cakephp

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