[Trick] The Way to Upload Photos from PC to Instagram

Instagram is popular photo social network which owened by facebook, and until right now they are dont have income source. But this article is doesnt talk about instagram income. This article will talk about how to upload and use instagram via PC.

For most poeple, use instagram must from smartphone. You can upload, edit, put effect from smartphone. You can do it via PC. Instagram should give a way to upload and edit photos via PC, in order instagram user easily to manage their account. We will very thank you when instagram do it.

Ok, i am looking for alternative to use instagram from PC.  Because instagram make available API, so developer can create app that connect to instagram.

Unfortunity, instagram API not support  ability to upload photos. So, many tool that offers can upload photos to instagram from PC is bullshit. Instagram still not open their gate, so developer cannot create app for upload photos.

Best Way to Upload via PC.

If you really want to upload photos from PC to instagram, you need dropbox account and their PC app. Install it on your PC.

  1. Install dropbox on your smartphone+PC
  2. Install instagram on your smartphone.
  3. Upload photo on your dropbox folder, its will be sycn automaticlly on smartphone
  4. On the smartphone, you can upload it to instagram one by one.

Just it the way.  We still waiting for Instagram API which support upload

Display Instagram Photos Based on Username and Hastag on Your WordPress Site

instagram slider widget

Displaying instagram images on your website will not be this easy if you use this plug in. This is a plug in WordPress that you can use to display pictures from Instagram based on your username or from hastag.

This plugin does not require API key, so you do not have to bother to setup this plugin. The plugin name is instagram slider Widget. This is a simple and easy to configure plugin to display images from Instagram you want. The maximum number of images that can be displayed is 10 images and this plug in will check whether there is a new picture. You can set the time interval.

Download it just look it up on the WordPress dashboard with the Widget Instagram slider keyword. Or you can download it through this link 

It is rather difficult to find a widget that suits what you want, especially if it will display an image from Instagram. There are indeed some services that provide a special widget for WordPress or blogger. But not all these services you can use for free. The plus is that you do not need to install plugins that will burden the server.

After installing Instagram Widget slider, you will not find the setting or option page. All configurations are in the Widgets section. You should look it up there and again you do not need API key.

Here are some screenshots Instagram slider widget

instagram slider widget

Main widget


Preview instagram photos on your website


  • Images from Instagram are imported as WordPress attachments
  • Display Images in Slider or Thumbnails
  • No API Key Needed
  • Link images to user profile, image URL, locally saved image, attachment URL, custom URL or none
  • Sort images Randomly, Popularity, Date

So far I use scripts or plug ins to display images on Instagram, instagram slider widget is the best and easiest. And this representative you can use for free without paying a license.