Avgrund Modal jQuery Plugin

jQuery Alerts Must Be Try Before Write a Code

Alerts and notifications are used designers to notify the results of a process to the user. Therefore, alerts and notifications should be cool and easily understood by the end user. There are some javascript or jquery plugin to create alerts and notifications to be even better. Developers and designers also made easy with this plugin….

Animated SVG Hero Slider

10+ Beautiful Slider jQuery Plugin

Slider is a special element to the web which saves space, because in the slider, you can put some pictures or other elements. Users only need a click or touch swipe for exploring the images. This post will discuss some of the latest collection of slider plugins for jquery. Responsive features became a necessity, developers must…

Useful jQuery Plugin to Create Drag and Drop Interface

Drag and drop models offer a convenience to adjust the settings. Users feel like touching the elements, especially if done with the touch screen. To create a drag and drop interface, it takes jquery plugins, though not always using jquery, but the easiest way is with jquery plugins.Many developers offer jquery plugins that you can…

textAssist – Smart Auto Text Assistant with jQuery

Useful jQuery Plugin to Interact with Text and String

Working with the text is not always easy because PHP as a language processing does not have a complete feature. There are some cases where developers have to modify the text and the string on the client side. For this it is necessary javascript and javascript functions for modern web programming. When using javascript, developer…

Feedify – Convert Text Into HTML Feed Like Twitter and Facebook

20 Useful jQuery Plugin to Retrive Data from Social Media Feed

Did you know, there are many jquery plugins that can interact with the Internet and can retrive data from the internet. Well, this post will discuss about the collection of jquery plugins that are useful for you to retriving data from the internet, like instagram feed, facebook feed, twitter feed, google + and others. These data can…