Top 6 Mobile App Optimization Tools You Should Use to Reach Your Audience

Mobile apps development has become a big business, these days, and it’s evident in the way more and more businesses are opting for it and competing against each other. The speed at which mobile usage is leapfrogging desktop, and people have become glued to their applications, prevailing over the leading app stores has become a necessary. Whether you are developing Iphone App or Android   isn’t enough to achieve desirable results, instead one needs to make sure that their app enjoys visibility on the major app stores such as Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon app store, and so on.

Creating an app that’s groundbreaking and discover able at the same time is a strategy that demands optimization. With app stores are jam-packed with a plethora of mobile apps and each app is fighting for attention, how do developers strive to make their app standout. It’s a fact that customers don’t bother much to compare a number of potential apps, so it has become all the more important for digital marketers to optimize their apps for better in-store research. App store optimization is a technique that allows you optimize multiple elements ( such as keywords, content, titles etc.) of your app to enhance its visibility.

Fortunately, there are a great number of optimization tools available that make sure your apps are found in the app stores. In this post, I have compiled a list of some cutting-edge mobile app tools that are ideal to improve your app discoverability, thus increasing downloads and maximizing revenue. The tools listed below are chosen on the basis of their popularity, dependency, and performance quality.

So, let’s know about them in detail.
1. SearchMan

SearchMan is one of most popular mobile app store optimization services opted by developers to track search ranking, keywords analysis etc., to make their app more discoverable. The tool performs a number of functions such as searching regular tracks for both Android and iOS devices, which ultimately helps you to study the competition.

It also lets you know about app store keywords to get your app noticed. With the help of data-driven keywords, there are better chances to get it installed by buyers. It improves your overall SEO to make sure your app perform better in terms of search ranking. The higher is the ranking, the more amount of downloads it will boast.

2. Appstatics
Provide your app the most appropriate positioning in app stores using this exceptionally reliable tool. Developed by Appsfire in 2012, the services of Appstatics is mainly divided into three key areas. They are:

Discover- The most important section that gives developers an insight about world’s best ranked applications. The section is divided into three categories. These categories are released this week, released this month, and all time. The categories provide developers an idea about which applications are leading or what are the most popular among users.

Track- Appstatics also includes a well-built tracking system to enable developers track application ranking on iOS devices after every 3 hour. The section is very simple to use, all you need is just add the name of the app you want to track and then start tracking. The first 300 apps can be search easily using their names or the company’s name they belong to.

Analyze- It’s very easy to analyze the performance of any app using Appstatics. This section will definitely fascinate you, especially when it comes to tracking your competitor’s app. In fact, you can also track marketing tools that your competitor is using. This will give you a clear idea of how to keep them on the back foot.
3. App Annie
Show your app at its best using this resourceful tool. App Annie is a perfect platform that helps you take informative decisions regarding your app in the most effective manner. As an ASO tool, it gives you metrics about the performance of your app in app stores. The metrics it gives include search traffic, keywords tracking, and testing. It also shows you the list of apps that are trending and offers you best keywords based on their relevance and search value. If there is anything to improve, App Annie will tell you and thus bring your app to the limelight.

4. Straply
Care about your app success using Straply. As a top-notch application optimization tool, it offers some competitive set of tools that help you boost your application visibility. No matter whether it’s about launching a new app, searching for rich keywords, or keeping an eye on competitors, Straply has everything to fulfill your needs.

With the help of its robust ASO tools, you can have a better idea of the phrases you need to ensure a desirable ranking. Its generated keywords offer you best end results while making sure you convert potential users into promising customers. In addition to this, Straply also provides an insight about your competitor’s performance by showing you a direct ranking comparison between both of your apps. In addition, it provides you a weekly data for both iOS and Android platforms to track your app performance.

5. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a reliable application ranking tool for both iOS and Android developers. Founded in 2013 by Alex Malafeev, Sensor Tower that monitor your ranking in application stores. It offers a great deal of features that are quite helpful to understand user engagement and retention level. It provides you with the right set of keywords that your app actually cares about. Know what your competitors are up to and the phrases you are missing in your app.

You need Sensor Tower because:

It makes your app easier to find.
Lets you track individual ranking and also notifies you when the raking gets changed.
Optimized tools improve your keyword efficiency in the quickest possible time.
You can also track your app performance and the amount of traffic it attracts.
Monitor keyword based ranking
Different keyword suggestions to augment while showing you how your app is ranked against them.

6. provides you with a most accurate estimates of your application search ranking performance. By tracking how your app ranks against your competitors, it gives you a real insight on the steps you need to take to stay on the top of App stores. makes your app discoverable by providing you with an ability to compare, test, and monitor the overall performance of your app. It also keeps a track of your competitor’s moves. Its comes with a keyword prediction tool helps you guess keywords your competitors are using. In addition, it helps you predict your position in the app store to increase the probability of your application visibility.

Some of its highlighting features include:

It’s a nice tool when it comes to data validation or generating keywords to increase the popularity of your app.
Gives you a clear metrics of the keywords that your competitors are using to help you stay ahead of the curve.
You can check the visibility of your app on a regular basis. Apps that are ranked higher are downloaded more by users.
It offers a keyword module using which you can develop an idea of your own keywords.
To Wrap Up

That’s the end of the round up of some best of breed application optimization tools that help you to ensure whether your app is reaching to the right set of audience or not. Using them you can find the most popular keywords related to a specific topic of your app. As right keywords are crucial for the success of an app as it encourages organic install, so make sure you choose any of the above mentioned tools and show your app at the top of the app stores search ranking.