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Easy Access MySQL Database via NodeJS

NodeJs is very powerful javascript, nodejs powered many app in the world. Because it uses javascript, then nodejs can not connect to MySQL server or MySQL database. Because of these limitations, we can not directly access the database through nodejs. Fortunately, nodejs have a complete library, one of which is the http request, such as…

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Complete Guide : How to Setup Web Server on Linux and Install WordPress

Using Linux and the web server sometimes have to read a lot of tutorials and step-by-step. I can not memorize one by one. So, I wanted to make this post useful for the newbie who wants to create a server with linux. What is needed is Ubuntu 14.04 or above Internet connection This tutorial will…

[Snippet] How to Search and Replace String in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin

Imagine, you have a 10K records in a table in your database. And on each line, there is a character that you want to remove or replaced with other characters. If do it manually, it may take days. Creating a system or script to solve the problem it was still takes a lot of times….

[Snippet] PHP Code to Submit data into Database

Although we use the framework to submit data into the database, sometimes we need a pure PHP code to insert data into the database. Honestly, sometimes we forget the command to insert data into the database, because the framework has been easier for us. And this morning, I get a case where I have to enter…