Disable jQuery no.Conflick() in WordPress for Better Performance

WordPress comes with jquery no.conflick() activate in default. This feature will cause some another jquery script not running. I do not understand why wordpress jquery no.conflick() is activate, proved some jquery script that I wrote is not running perfectly.

Maybe you can get a little crazy when faced with a script that runs smoothly when outside of wordpress, but when you including  the script into wordpress, do not run at all. Strange and shit!

Finally, I did a search. First compare jquery I have with congenital wordpress. And it turns out there is a difference, where the default jquery wordpress by default enable no.conflick (). The problem has been found. The script only can run without no.conflick()

The solution is: disable jquery no.conflick() in wordpress if you still want to continue using jquery from wordpress. This is a sensible way and not too much to add scripts into wordpress.

I looked it up on the internet, and found one line that can resolve the problem

$ = jQuery.noConflict(true);

Put a line of code in the <head>