RectiveJS : Minimalist Javascript MVC Framework with HTML DOM Manipulation

EmberJS and BackboneJs is most used javascript MVC framework, developer prefer to use it, because its popular and has a live community. But, if you want to use javascript MVC framework that more small than them, RectiveJS is one solution for you.

Introducing, RectiveJS. It is a small javascript framework that ability to manipulation inert HTML DOM. So, you can update HTML DOM instanly. Just like what EmberJS do, RectiveJS featured with Two-way binding, animations, SVG support and many more.

In history, RectiveJS has been founded by theguarding for its newspaper app, in order user can be more enjoyed when reading the news. Then, this library released as javascript library, and can be accessed by developers. You can be contribute at Github and follow its twitter.

Some example app of this library can be acces here

  1. Todo app
  2. Simple rating app
  3. Infinite Scroll