Basic Resources to Learn Laravel for Newbie


Laravel an interesting framework. I am interested in codes laravel, so simple, short and generates advanced web applications and standardized. Their tag line: Laravel, PHP framework for Web artisans, it looks like it fits.

After a few years I was using CakePHP, it seems I want to learn this laravel, not replace cakephp, but would like to open a new window. I want to learn laravel. What I love about laravel are the codes and updates the core framework, where we can update the core framework by using the composer. But, maybe this can not be done on shared hosting, can only be done on a dedicated server or VPS. I have not found a way to run the composer on shared hosting.

Installation laravel also not simple, for those who are not familiar with the composer. But, if you’ve done it once, then you will find it easy. Condition is: you must have a stable internet connection. Not to be too fast, but it should be stable. If not, then the process downlaod laravel with composer can not be done.

To that end, in this post I wanted to collect some tutorials that can be used by newbie to learn Laravel.

1. Authentication With Laravel 4

laravel authentication

We’ll start from the very beginning by creating our Laravel app using composer, creating the database, loading in the Twitter Bootstrap, creating a main layout, registering users, logging in and out, and protecting routes using filters. We’ve got a lot of code to cover, so let’s get started!

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2. Simple and Easy Routing in Laravel 4

Routing is the core of laravel, you should understand the routing system on laravel. This tutorial is really easy to understand and apply.

laravel routing tutorial

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3. Remove Public Folder in Laravel 4

So, you can access your laravel web directly, such as, not here is the tutorial about it.

remove folder public in laravel

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4.  Simple Pagination in Laravel 4

simple pagination

In laravel, you can create pagination in just one line of code. In another framework, you need more than one line of code.
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5. Using Session in Laravel 4

session in laravel

This page will teach you how to use basic session in laravel.

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