What I Choose, VPS or Shared Hosting. Based on My Experience


A website needs hosting. At this time, there are 2 options, using shared hosting or VPS (even a dedicated server). Shared hosting is easier to use, less risk and its more complete. For beginners who want to have a website, which does not want to use a free service like wordpress and blogger, better use of shared hosting. Usually shared hosting using cPanel which is easy to use. Although simple, there are some people who can not use cpanel. If you include people like that, please use this tutorial.

Another alternative is to use the VPS. VPS mostly use Linux, although some use windows. Using the VPS is much more difficult and you have to know the basics of linux and the web server. Moreover, you should understand the basic security of a server. VPS is very similar to dedicated server.

I had a few months using VPS, and very satisfied with its performance. The website is much faster when accessible and easier to develop a website. You can save any number of sites you there, as long as your server is capable of handling.


I chose Shared Hosting Because …

Shared hosting is much easier to use, and ready to use when you complete the payment. In shared hosting, security is usually already there. Party hosting providers usually have secured your hosting package, so that your site will be safe, unless you have a website script bugs that could be used by hackers to break into your hosting package.

Shared hosting that I recommend are

mediatemple host

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Mediatample (MT)
  4. ASO (asmallorange)
  5. Siteground

They have a good hosting package, powerful hardware and a nice pace. The price offered is around 3-9 dollars per month. I have experience with BlueHost and HostGator. Both are good hosting provider. But, in my HostGator been suspended for using too many resources, my site has a UV 7K per day. And apparently shared hosting package from HostGator are not able to handle it.

While Bluehost ability to handle more than 10 sites with visitor per site between 300-1000 UV per day. Quite good. But, to do a backup, at Bluehost is not as easy at HostGator. You can not create a backup file on the whole site, you must do it one by one.

You will hassles when your site grows larger and shared hosting no longer able to handle. Hosting provider may close access to your site, without telling you first. And this is not good for your site.

The solution: ask the hosting provider’s request to raise your level to a VPS hosting package. Maybe it takes no small cost, depending on the provider hostignya. Another solution is to regularly perform backups and when the provider hosting your website even close access your account, then you are ready to move to the VPS.

I choose VPS Because ..

VPS is much more difficult compared to shared hosting. You must know the command Unix / Linux, due to the interaction with the server using the command line, no longer uses cpanel. Although there are many control panel for VPS. There are free and paid.

Actually, the advantages of VPS is much more compared to shared hosting. You have more power to serve visitors to the site, and this will enhance the visitor experience.

Some of the advantages of VPS

  1. Free to determine the web server
  2. Access website to be faster
  3. Have direct access to the webserver systems
  4. More efficient if you have many sites
  5. Unlimted database domain + add on
  6. Have root access
  7. Backup easier
  8. Free to determine the scripts that run

etc. The bottom line is the freedom to grow. It is impossible for webdesignersdepot.com sites using shared hosting, definitely use the VPS or dedicated server, if use shared hosting, within 1 hour already on the blacklist.

However, VPS prone to hacker attacks. A few weeks ago, my server was down because of a hacker attack that strikes all the open ports of the VPS.

If you are using a VPS, you can choose some bash script to install and configure the VPS quickly and easily. You can choose VPSSIM or easyengine. VPSSIM only run on centos while easyengine for families debian including ubuntu.


Wherever you store your hosting, whether in shared hosting or VPS, always do the backup and the backup download to dropbox or a local hard drive. Because, you never know when your website is down. File your website is very important. If in the VPS, you can use a cronjob to perform backups or using this script