New and Free Font in This Saturday Morning

The cloudy Saturday morning made me want to find new inspiration about fonts. I love to collect and see new fonts that can be used as an alternative design, especially web design. And because I like handwriting then some of the fonts below are dominated by handmade fonts because it seems more original and Authentic.

The fonts below are 100% free that you can use for various design purposes ranging from poster designs to shirts. And you do not have to pay any royalties.

Please enjoy the font below

Free Download Dandeleуn Font

Dandeleуn Font


Free Download Dead Stock Font

Dead Stock Font


Free Download Star Dust Font

Star Dust Font


Free Download Dylan Gothic Font

Dylan Gothic Font


Free Download De Rotterdam Font

De Rotterdam Font


Free Download Middle Class Script Font

Middle Class Script Font


Free Download First Take Font

First Take Font


Free Download DK Struffoli Font

DK Struffoli Font


Free Download High Tide Font

High Tide Font


Free Download Mudhisa Script Font

Mudhisa Script Font


Free Download Daily Grind Font

Daily Grind Font


Free Download DK Frozen Memory Font

DK Frozen Memory Font


Free Download Raph Lanok Font

Raph Lanok Font


8 Best and Free Slab Serif Fonts for Your Blog and Website

Font type determines the quality of the delivery of your content. Nice font, nice views, obviously will make your content more readable, you convey information more easily accepted by the brain. A designer must consider the type of font and what content is delivered. No matter the designer blog, web, graphics, illustrations or other. Font type, absolute as an important factor in a design.

For that, a lot of websites that sell premium fonts. It indicates the font is important in terms of design.  Read best affiliate program for blog design niche

To write on the blog, I am also a font selector. Only fonts that I think is good that I will use in the blog.

For the present, where a lot more people using a wide monitor, with high resolution. Using large fonts become the primary choice. People will be easy to read content, information is more easily absorbed and others. Web Element also made ​​in large sizes. Unlike the past, the web using tahoma font with size 11. Read more